Smog it is a veil of smoke, fog and dirt, which appeared on account of pollution with smoke from burning peat, gas production wastes and exhaust equipment. Resulting from the ultraviolet radiation of the sun, smog component parts interact with one other, inducing the light there any harmful toxins. Strong smog could cause irritation to the respiratory tract, nose, throat, also it hurts your eyesight, causing tears and makes us cry not of grief, but of a pain of your eyes.

There are many of sources for the formation of smog. Included in this are car exhaust, exhaust gases of power plants and factories, household items (hair spray, paint, and chemical solvents). In big cities, the main cause of smog, are car exhaust.

Smog can be exacerbate via varying weather condotions including high temperatures without any wind. On sunny days the smog is thick, is beneath the ground and may be kept for several days. Therefore, in the summer days, people make an effort to leave the massive cities. You can find times when It could actually appear not even close to the cause of contamination, the thing is that the wind can transport contaminated air over long distances.

Smog consists of a plethora of pollutants which might be unhealthy for human health. It is dangerous and to animals and plants. For those smog could potentially cause (or worsen), asthma, chronic bronchitis, emphysema, lung and eye diseases and decreased immunity.

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