This kind of Survival Guide is intended as a basic introduction on how to prepare for and answer events that may come about over the course of the years leading up to December 21, 2012. These skills and methods are provided for data purposes only and therefore are not intended to replace a professional survival or medical training course. Rather, they may be intended to increase your understanding the lifesaving importance of preparation of the arriving events, survival skills also to encourage you to investigate events that may arise.

For beginners interested in learning the basics of December 21, 2012 and also the Earth changing activities, there is unlimited information available from many resources, and advances of info and collaboration have got led to a growing quantity of “watchers” and people that are preparing even though they do not believe something is to happen. Nevertheless, at least they will be ready, and you should as well. Even when nothing is to happen then there will be ample amount of supplies to last you for the coming years. Imagine if the Earth does adjust rapidly, and you are certainly not prepared? If you meet the minimal requirements to survive through Pole Change, Volcanic Eruptions, Extreme Cold, Hurricanes, Tornados, Earthquakes, Land Adjustments, Major Floods, Solar power and Gamma Radiation you happen to be one more step in the best direction.

However, there is no substitute for experience in any of these extreme situations, along with your reaction in a survival situation depends on your education and training. Always remember that a rawles survival situation mentioned previously can happen to you. Be prepared and plan to always be a survivor.

For too long, the word “survivalist” has called in your thoughts paranoia, and the individual that lives out in the actual woods. Nevertheless, even as we continue on track towards our unknown upcoming, we will not be called “survivalist”, but “survivors” as we will be needing every ounce of energy, every thought of the brain, and every inch of muscle to continue our existence the following on planet Earth. The following webpages are for the versions that may or might not believe what has been recently foretold, and what historical past has taught us all throughout the years.

If you’ve granted any thought to survival, you know that food, water as well as shelter are the reasons for any long-term survival plan. In the event you prepare to provide these kind of three items for yourself and family, you will be farther ahead as compared to 90 percent of the community.

Many would state water is the most important with the three, but we shall address them inside order of: Foodstuff, Water and Protection. Below are some questions you should ask yourself to better determine what specifics you will need to plan for in your area of the world. (or be safe, prepare for all)

What natural disasters or extreme conditions you prone to face in the next 4 years?

What other disasters or emergency situations might you face?

Do you know the ramifications of each?

What can you have now that you are able to use in any disaster scenario?

How much is the lowest for you and your survival situation is an answer you’ll have to come up with after researching this survival guide, try not to worry we will provide a generic minimal survival group.


You may be in a position to survive a few weeks as well as a month without foodstuff, but without foods, you will become fragile, susceptible to illnesses, light headed and unable to perform survival-related tasks. Water may be more critical to short-term survival, however you will need every oz . of energy to get out of harms way, this is why your meals are also just as critical.

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