Over the last few years there has been an explosion of latest blogs on the Internet, really literally thousands every day. The primary reason for this is that a lot of business owners are starting to realise that blogging might help them achieve specialist, build customer interactions and introduce a few and services. Other bloggers also explore the market for some extra income through online links etc. Even though your blog is individual you may still want to see this bring a small income injection every month. Whatever your reasons to blog, a variety of factors have to be regarded as. One factor that numerous ignore is the design. Google is now including great coding and design to their algorithm so using a nathans design blog can really help enhance your traffic.

Why It’s very important

Some may say that design is not that important and what actually matters is the content material. Yes that’s accurate but focusing on just one factor is hazardous. Let’s face it, as a visitor to a website as well as blog the first thing you notice could be the design, the ease of navigation, launching time, advertisement banners and thumbnail images. The quantity of bad designed web sites that I visited through the years is staggering. Besides this make me n’t need to read the content articles I am also prone to leave very quickly and not come back.

One example of a bad designed internet site I happen to find today had the following – small environmentally friendly text on a dark-colored background, flashy adverts, pop-ups, slow loading time, and the sidebar seemed to possess dropped below the post. The site actually has a few decent information however it was not possible to read due to the size of text message and distraction regarding flashy ad’s and pop-ups. I’d personally rather read any blog that has clear, lighting design with easy direction-finding – it’s far more professional isn’t it.

But before you rush aimed at your website to change anything let’s move on by having a clear thought of what direction you desire your blog to go in. Great design needs to fin together with the content of the blog, appeal to the target audience along with help best promote the product and services you might be offering.

So let’s have a look at some main design features to make your blog more desirable to your customers and followers.

Simplifying access and course-plotting

As I already mentioned, fantastic design is not just about fantastic pictures and stunning colors. Your whole web sites functionality depends on your own design. This is everything from motion button placement, to help ease of navigation, quality of read and also loading speeds. Simply because we live in an easy passed world along with your customers need to find just what they are looking for easily otherwise they will go elsewhere.

It can be really frustrating searching a blog and not being able to determine what you are looking for or sooner or later stumbling across that 25 minutes delayed. Therefore by providing readers with ease of course-plotting will result in more happy people and may even boost your authority.

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