When collecting classic (old school) video games such as games for the Atari 2600, Nintendo Entertainment System, Sega Genesis, and more, one of the challenges you encounter is that these games are no longer available in video game stores. This article will suggest several places where you can find the out of production games you are looking for.


Ebay is one of the largest online marketplaces, and there is a good chance that you will find the game you are looking for there. With millions of items sold every month, you should have no problem locating games for the systems you desire. While it is one of the best places to look for, there are some drawbacks when buying from Ebay. These drawbacks mostly stem from the transaction taking place online. You do not get to inspect the item beforehand, and have to rely on the description and the photo to get an accurate account of the condition of the item. Sometimes the photos will (whether intentionally or not) hide some of the flaws in the item, such as a tear in the packaging. Flaws such as this can decrease the value of the item significantly. Make sure to check the feedback of the seller you are buying from, and if you have any doubts ask him questions about the items. As for the price, usually you will get a good deal on your items. For extremely rare games though, you will be bidding against many other anxious collectors, so don’t expect to get them cheap.


Craigslist has more emphasis on the local markets. Many people who sell on Craigslist expect you to come pick up the items (although some will agree to ship). The advantage to picking up the item in person is that you can examine the condition of the item before purchasing it. Make sure to follow the ads on Craigstlist for your local neighborhood, you never know what rare games might pop up!

Rarity Guide

Rarity Guide is a website for collectors. The advantage of Rarity Guide is that collectors practically live there, and you have a good chance at locating even the most rare video games. Since the people there are collectors themselves, they will describe the games more accurately. Make sure to watch the forums for holy grail games that show up once in a while. Another advantage are their extensive Rarity Guides where you can look up the values of the games while you are there.

Garage Sales/Estate Sales

Finding rare video games in Garage Sales and estate sales is a matter of luck. However, if you spend a day going from one garage sale to another, chances are you will encounter a rare game or two! While going between one garage sale to another can be time consuming, when you do find a rare game you will usually get it for very cheap so it might be worth your time. Craigslist and local newspapers are a good way to stay informed about the locations of Garage Sales. Most garage sales take place during the weekends

Thrift Stores/Pawn Shops

Thrift stores such as The Salvation Army and Goodwill, as well as pawn shops, also offer a good place to locate treasures. Like garage sales, it is a matter of luck, however you will almost always get a game for a good price when you find it at a thrift store.

Kyle Logan is a long time collector of video games, including SNES games. He often hangs out on RarityGuide.com, giving help and advice to fellow collectors in the forums.

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