Video email is proven to shorten the sales cycle, creating instant report with prospects

Record your videos on the fly with your webcam, or upload a prerecorded video. With one click you can start adding video to your email. And with our real-time tracking technology, you will know who and when your video message is being watched! You will know the moment anyone opens your video email, and how long they watched it! And best of all its free with your account. Unlimited sends and unlimited

Organizations such as churches are turning to video email marketing, increasing new visitor return attendance using personalized follow-up video email. Realtors are turning to video email, building quicker relationships with long distant prospects. Chiropractors & therapists are taking therapy online, decreasing overhead, increasing revenue, and making it easier for patients to attend. Automobile dealers are getting traffic to their dealerships using personalized video email. Imagine what you could do using video email.

Video Email Marketing – Fun, easy, effective
Video email marketing can help you…

Shorten the sales cycle
Create instant report with prospects
Lengthen customer loyalty
And increase clickthrough rates
Plays on iPhone, Blackberry and other Smart Phones

Video is happening in a big way
In a post at the Digital Marketing blog, Eydie Cubarrubia cites; “Nielsen Online research found that:

119 billion unique viewers watched 7 trillion total streams during the month of April
Streams were up 24% from a year ago
Streams-per-viewer are up 27%
Time-per-viewer is up 58%
17% of the marketing executives interviewed, plan to use video in their email campaigns
Forrester Research found that a video link (such as a click to play image) in an email, can increase clickthrough rates by two to three times.

Increase the loyalty of your customers
Video Email Marketing will increase customer relations, retention, and loyalty. And will reducing advertising costs, qualify sales leads and increase response rates. Brand your Video Email with your company logo for added prestige and brand recognition with customers and business associates. Use Video Email for:

Home Tours
Sale Announcements
Product Demos
Customer Follow-Ups
New Lead Capture
Motivational Messages
Corporate News
Special Instructions
Customer Appreciation
Qualify Leads
Trackable Marketing

Unlimited Sends – Unlimited Views – No Limits
Send as many Video Emails as you want. Express yourself with no limitations on sends or views.

Video Hosting – Free and easy
Streaming Video & Audio

Increase page views
Increase return visits
Improve search engine ranking
Generate new revenue streams
Just Upload & Grab the code

Host & Stream Secure Flash Video & Audio on your Website
How easy is it to get my videos on my site? Upload your .FLV files, grab the player code and your done. And if you like designing your own player skins, we’ll even give you the RTMP link.

Why is Streaming Flash the preferred choice by so many Webmasters?

Flash will play on 98% of all internet browsers
There is no need for a 3rd party download such as Real Player WMP, or QuickTime
And Streaming Flash is secure

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