The user must connect a computer on the board and then display information about it from a projector. There are many types of interactive whiteboards intended for selection. The selection of the ideal type of whiteboard depends on the work a person intends to accomplish using the board. Whiteboards usually use rear or front projection. Those that have front projection require the user to place the projector before them and those that use rear projection have to have the projector to be at the back.

The initial type of interactive whiteboard available will be the thermal whiteboard that enables for the use of white and black color only. These boards come manufactured having a printer where users get to print images or text on the thermal paper. These whiteboards are therefore easy to use and the only thing they lack could be the attractiveness of colored documents.

The other types of whiteboards to choose will be the color whiteboards that capture colored images onto their surface. The user can store the images or text or also distribute it. These whiteboards make classroom lessons colorful and intriguing and they are therefore great for classrooms.

Portable interactive whiteboards include the other type available. They’re regular whiteboards that the user uses in conjunction with an Ebeam receiver connected to the board. Connection of the Ebeam receiver with a computer’s USB port changes all cheap whiteboards making them interactive. The benefit provided by this technology is that it is not hard to carry the board around and cheap.

The opposite types of whiteboards available are the resistive boards. They work insurance firms two sheets of flexible material that’s resistive. A very thin air gap separates the material and when someone touches the board, the materials press together sensing in which the person touched. They register various touch whether it is from a stylus, pen or finger. You can also find electromagnetic whiteboards in the market. They work insurance firms electromagnetic sensors that sense the touch of a stylus. They then pass the info to the computer.

One can also find the optical and infrared interactive whiteboards. These ones work through the marker or finger seeing infrared light if the board is pressed. The software then senses in which the marker is located. Another type available is the embedded dot pattern board. These boards have a dot pattern on their surface and someone uses these with the aid of a digital pen. A digital pen has an infrared camera, which reads the pattern developed by dots to determine their location. It is possible for the software to see someone’s handwriting accurately and transmit it in a computer.

The other form of whiteboard available could be the ultrasonic board that works well by having ultrasonic wave transmitters on two corners and wave receivers on the other instrument corners. Touching the board’s surface, suppresses the waves and also the receivers register the data.

The types of interactive whiteboards mentioned previously are just some of those commonly used but you can find other styles suitable for the kind of work you want a whiteboard to accomplish.

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