Whiteboards are brilliant for having in the home. How many times perhaps you have run out of something such as washing up liquid, salt or toilet tissue, forgotten to write it down and after that missed it again at the supermarket? It happens to people and drives us crazy! Having a handy whiteboard in the kitchen means that as soon as you use up all your something, you can jot it down and then refer to it if you come to write your weekly grocery list.

You could also use it to publish out recipes when you find yourself cooking so that you don’t need to fumble around with a cooking book or risk getting grubby hands on your laptop, or you might leave helpful reminders to the more forgetful folks your family.

Kids may also love having a whiteboard in the house as it gives them something to doodle on. Magnetic whiteboards are particularly fun as you can get a range of decorative magnets and accessories to choose them and coloured markers for dry wipe whiteboards too. You could put up a whiteboard with your kids bedrooms to really make it more fun for them.

Offices can discover whiteboards very helpful. In a sales environment when targets and KPIs are change regularly, having a whiteboard implies that you can easily update them weekly and everyone can see it – they have no excuse for not being aware of the targets! Whiteboards in a office are also ideal for brainstorming. Some businesses have even got a whole wall made of whiteboard for particularly deep sessions. Beauty of a whiteboard in cases like this is that anything that is added can easily be erased so participants are less likely to hold back on giving ideas.

Naturally we couldn’t list the superior uses for whiteboards and not mention schools. A lot more classrooms are making the switch from blackboards to whiteboards. They may be less messy and several students find that black pen on white as opposed to white chalk on black is easier to read. Being able to use different coloured pens can be very useful for highlighting important info and drawing diagrams.

The ultimate place where whiteboards are hugely beneficial is in a catering environment. An advertisement kitchen can be a very hectic place with orders being released and out quickly and menus changing all the time. A central whiteboard signifies that staff shifts and breaks can be easily displayed along with dishes that are off the menu, specials as well as any other important information.

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