As we know, tattoos are really popular in our times. They serve as a kind of self-expression, reflecting our personality and decorating our bodies in the most unique way. Frequently tattoos are associated with some events, experiences, feelings, adventures, that have place in our life and should be imprinted forever on our bodies. Like characters, lives and fortunes, tattoos are incredibly various and seldom repeated.

These speaking symbols, inscriptions, images, portraits, mysterious lines and letters, that can be utilized for tattoos, are very popular among celebrities. Perhaps it takes place since being always in the core of attention, these individuals want to have something private and preserve in secret, encoding the message in certain figures, letters or symbols, which couldn’t say anything to others. Or, in contrary, they imprint some speaking words, expressions, images or symbols to display something to the public.

Celebrity’ tattoos are always discussed. Everyone is interested in the history of the stars’ tattoos, plus the media and press, which pay a specific care about get to know from the celebrities the story of their personal tattoos or are just making suggestions, creating some image around this or that tattoo.

Among the themes, which attract an unique attention, certainly is the cases, in cases where a tattoo is produced with an obvious mistake, for example, in spelling. This generates lots of buzz. Just about the brightest examples of present days is the article which was created with an error in the word spelling.

Hayden Panettiere is a young Hollywood actress, who likes to demonstrate her tattoo, wearing the revealing dresses that open her back and also her tattoo, that is written in Italian. The Italian expression chosen by Hayden is translated as “live without regrets”. In written form it should look like “Vivere senza rimpianti”, though the word “rimpianti” due to the misspelling is imprinted in the Hayden’s back as “rimipianti”. This error attracts a particular attention generating a great deal of noise around Hayden Panettiere personality.

However, despite the unfavorable role that played this tattoo over the image of Hayden, she continues to demonstrate her tattoo without hesitation, considering that the concept of tattoo is quite significant for her.

Besides these tattoos, there’s two more on the Hayden Panettiere body. One particular is situated on the ankle and is in the form of Leo Zodiac, and the other is on her finger, which is the word “Liberta”, translated from Italian as “Freedom”.

This implies that creating a tattoo you should be very attentive, selecting the best tattoo master, who definitely is literate enough to write something on your body. Otherwise, it can be difficult to get remove the wrong tattoo or to correct it.

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