Many professionals strive to look their best for the many business engagements and public appearances that fill their calendars. A clear part of their presentation is maintaining a vibrant image that radiates natural confidence. Leading skincare spas in NYC understand this need since business professionals are the clientele who most frequent these luxury face care sanctuaries. They offer LED as the top choice facial for defying age and maintaining optimally healthy skin.

How is LED safer than plastic surgery?

1. LED (light emitting diode) is a non-surgical procedure that is safe and effective topical anti-aging application. No going under the knife, so no potential for infections sometimes associated with surgery.

2. When used as a facial treatment, this infrared light requires no anesthesia. No injections or ingestion for pain management because it is a painless skincare therapy.

3. Because LED in non-invasive there is also no recovery time due to side effects. There is no nausea, headaches or any of the other side effects associated with cosmetic surgery. This is a huge advantage because the treatment is not disruptive to the extremely busy schedules of professional life. You can be on the go immediately following your LED facial.

4. It is a non-chemical holistic approach to face care, so there is little concern over allergies associated with chemical treatments.

5. LED is safe and reliable care for all skin types, including the most sensitive.

How are LED facials better compared to Botox?

Because you strive for naturally beautiful skin with all the lovely range of expressions unique to your gorgeous face, the non-invasive approach to skincare is the most preferred. The results of Botox injections are generally generic and plastic in appearance. Side effects are common for a procedure that is chemically induced and visually unnatural.

What you achieve by the end of an LED treatment is a graceful luminous visage that is all you–real. The skin has firm clarity with a noticeable reduction of blemishes and hyperpigmentation. Fine lines and wrinkles, the visible signs of aging, are effectively erased with this state of the art face care. Organic serums deliver abundant vitamins and minerals that hydrate, nourish, and actually bolster the health of skin. The best part: unlike Botox that freezes the expression in a moment in time, LED treats evolving changes of the epidermis by regulating cellular function.

LED is preventative skincare AND age-reversing care as well. The results are positively dramatic and cumulative as part of your dedicated face care regime. Healing time happens during the facial, not as downtime afterwards. By the end of your treatment you will achieve a natural flawlessness that is in top shape for the demands of a professional career.

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