The staffing companies are known to have various changes as well as a number of adjustments are manufactured throughout the history. Only one factor is there that remains the same and i.e. the T cards.

Time card product is known everywhere as the system which is meant to reflect the actual hours of employees at the particular client facility. This is one of the accurate and useful ways of salary allocation. But few ones will be mindful of the fact that the system can be used as a contract involving the clients and their Temporary Staffing Agency.

One of the advantageous features of the T cards is because they are getting used being a service proof. In a number of cases, proof of service is asked by the investigating adjuster from temporary staffing agency just in case any client is questioned. If so, the staffing agency should prove the employee who caused the crime while working for the client. And when the companies do not come with the proof of time card, it may well have to pay for it.

As far as nontraditional usage of electronic T cards is worried, the systems are flexible to be used in the staffing industry. Besides keeping record of employees’ attendance, the systems cards can be used as an agreement to explain the client’s compliance with state and other regulations concerned. In addition, it helps explaining free of injuries week of any employee.

Temporary employees use that card by doing sign off on the weekend that they did not face any kind of injuries within the week. In agencies, additionally it is used to display certain safety suggestions to both the clients along with the employees.

In terms of technology and T cards, several financial loss cases are already reported of data loss because of computer viruses. This occurs when any employee open any email which has a virus, and this spreads to company’s mainframe. This challenge is rising day by day along with the industry has been taking various useful measures normally made available.

To avoid any virus related problems, the staffing agencies have started adding disclaimers for the Nobo t cards. This helps them keeping in mind themselves secured against lawsuit or litigation caused by the employees.

From the discussions, it is usually said that the electronic T cards are good for the staffing agencies; they come with certain limitations at the same time which are taken better good care of by the agencies for everyone their clients in a simple manner.

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