Aside from this top-notch sizzling celebrity’s odd way of eliminating pimples (she has a macabre pimple popping tool). Salma Hayek managed to steal hearts hands down in her memorable roles in Desperado and Frida with her phenomenal flawless beauty and raw talent. So what are her choice skin care ingredients that help maintain the striking image we see on the silver screen?

As the creative business mind behind Nuance, Hayek’s product line selected traditional and restorative ingredients from natural sources to keep skin fit and glowing. This is a similar beauty philosophy to celebrity skin care guru Joanna Vargas of name sake day spa in NYC.

Lavender has always been that calming herb added to natural skin care to relieve tension while reliably nourishing the skin. In its many varieties from Spanish to English flowering plants, lavender has soothing abilities that can slacken dermal wrinkles for refined silken texture.

It is both antiseptic and antifungal expelling bacteria to enhance the healing process and prevent scarring from developing for a visibly flawless visage. With this aromatic herb skin tissue is rapidly repaired for blemish-free beauty. Its anti-inflammatory qualities make it perfect for sensitive and acne-prone skin.

Ms. Vargas uses similar ingredients in her natural line of products that have a proven track record for healing and restoring. This is why she is highly regarded by her clients that come from all over the world. She says, “My clients come for results and are conscious that the more natural the line the better for the health of their skin.”

Royal Jelly is known as a reliable skincare treatment for all skin types, whether dry, sensitive and irritated or oily and acne-prone. The jelly is derived from an elixir produced specifically by male worker bees. It is high in amino acids, proteins and other nutrients to promote the health of skin naturally.

The moisturizing properties of the jelly have been acknowledged historically by the ancient Egyptians who applied it as some of the earliest known natural anti-aging skin care. The jelly sustained the superior health of their skin in the extreme desert climate of North Africa. With rich vitamin and mineral content that hydrates and enriches royal jelly easily softens fine lines and wrinkles for a smooth even complexion. It actually tightens and tones skin for a younger looking face.

As an anti-bacterial ingredient royal jelly balances pH levels to correct and repair damage from dry skin conditions including eczema. Dull ashen skin is replaced with an ageless luster.

Tepezcohuite, sourced in powder form from an evergreen plant, has been traditionally applied to treat burn victims in Mexico. The plant has regenerative abilities to expedite the healing of marred skin tissue and stimulate growth—good news for reversing the aging process. With a boost to cell turnover from this botanical source the skin sheds old tissue to reveal the youthful vigor beneath.

Joanna Vargas says that although these ingredients in Ms. Hayek line seen common, they are known for their benefits and results. It is not about marketing the latest and “greatest” ingredients in a line but about the results you will get for your clients.

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