I’m here today to help you with your interior design Aurora solutions and that will help you decide what would be the best way to decorate your home. Lets start with the size and the space youre working with. If the space you have is something of a little area then to make the region look big then we’d go with maybe piece of art the wall magnolia after which maybe purchasing some small canvas photo prints to hold on the walls to provide it a warm feel as most people do like the painted wall look but sometimes it can look a little cold so with the addition of some canvas prints towards the room you will give it the heat back.

So that is the walls from the small room, lets say you have a large room you want to decorate it with some wall decoration then a good idea would be to acquire some canvas prints of some family pictures and also have them printed at A1 size, this would enhance the appearance of the room through leaving it looking comfortable and stylish at the same time. You can get a few brightly colour canvas images or you can get a black and white themed canvas print, whatever you choose normally the canvas prints do their very own blending in so you dont have to worry too much about what colour they are unless for instance your colour scheme is browns creams and beiges then perhaps a sepia colour canvas print would be the better option for a person.

Now a big part of hanging certain photography item when decorating your living space is always to get the lighting right and this can be a bigger part of it that people tend to think as you get the lighting right along with the correct positioning of your own canvas prints then it can make the biggest difference. The good thing about a room with a window in to is that it provides of natural light and this is the best light you can get, one being that is free and the other is that the light give you what you can observe rather than having a dimed light which will create lots of unwanted shadows, so use this natural light to its full potential and even though you put the canvas photo print in direct sunlight so that is face on with the window this will provide the canvas print a brilliant presence in a room, as would having a spot light that shines down about the canvas prints, any sort of picture on canvas or design as well as artwork would look great under an area light canvas print.

Another good place in order to out canvas prints is arranged along a hallway walls. This not only give the wall space some more reason it give the wall space a far more longer corridor loom that will make your hallway look longer of the looking for this contemporary contemporary look. I hope this has contributed to your wall decorating ideas and remember when youre purchasing any kind of wall decoration that includes a print from your own photo or image to try and get a picture that fits in using the mood of that room to get the fullest o benefits it can offer.

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