Bathroom basins are an integral part of your bathroom and render an elegant style to the vanity unit. When you go out to purchase one of the perfect bathroom sinks, you will be appalled by the range of choices available. Bathroom basins come in all shapes and sizes, colors and textures, and can even be customized so as to suit your personal requirements. As a well established Australian company, we offer a designer range of bathroom basins, which look aesthetic as well as sophisticated in your bathrooms.

The most popular class of bathroom basins is made out of glass with unusual and creative designs. The unique and irresistibly stunning glass basins suit well in both contemporary as well as traditional setting. These are above counter bathroom basins, and besides being highly functional, these are also perfect to look at.

The next category comprises of stone bathroom basins which are made out of marble, granite or stone. Besides being available in a wide range of styles and designs, you can even have them custom made in order to suit your personal requirements and tastes. The stone bathroom basins are known for their elegance, style and durability.

Bathroom basins made out of ceramics such as porcelain are an immediate hit with many people. The porcelain bathroom sinks add a different flare to your home and are available in different designs such as drop in, under mount or pedestal.
Being one of the oldest metals copper is known for its beauty and strength. Beautiful handmade copper bathroom basins will add a touch of comfort, elegance and quality to your home. Our designer range of copper bathroom sinks is manufactured in a manner so as to suit the styles of the contemporary Australian market. The copper used is 99.9 % pure and does not contain lead. Copper bathroom basins are anti-microbial as compared to stainless and are easy to protect and maintain.

Bronze might be considered as an old world material, but the bronze bathroom basins are sculpted in modern shapes and designs. The authenticity of these basins makes your bathroom look classy along with rendering it a traditional look.

The pedestal bathroom basins are carved out of natural stones and have quite a unique design and shape, which perfectly suits the bathrooms of today. The exclusivity of pedestal designs is what makes these bathroom basins unique and different from others. Once installed, this acts as an epitome of warmth and uniqueness and render a totally different outlook to your home.

Stainless bathroom basins have been in existence since ages and are still preferred by most of the traditional homes. We exclusively offer a broad range of stainless steel basins which will certainly suit all your needs and match with the decor of your bathroom, whether modern or contemporary. Bathroom basins made out of stainless steel are heat resistant and can withhold a range of temperatures, from freezing-cold to burning-hot. In addition thereto , the neutral silverish finish of stainless is bound to go well with any kinda color scheme.

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