Very few doctors have great retention in their apply. Part of that is the fact they don’t have any solid techniques in place to keep their patients. You just number that you are a good medical doctor and your patients know it… so they will continue another when you tell them to come back.

No, that’s not it. But the fact that you do a great job educating your own patients. The fact that you tend to be spending time with them letting them know what you are doing each visit. You have patients that “get it”… right?

If you’re only a month out of college you still believe that final paragraph. For the rest of anyone… let’s get real. Unless you build a relationship along with your patients… a relationship away from yourself and your exercise… a relationship that is about them… you will ALWAYS be doing patient reactivation with your practice. Luckily in your case it’s really easy and economical to handle a reactivation advertising campaign.
It all starts with starting a list of patients who’re past due to come into your office. For my OD’s that’s usually a 12 months. For DC’s… anything more than 3 months and I regarded them past due. DDS… got a chance to keep up with those Six month cleanings right.

(Note/Warning: This is not any philosophy lesson. If you think your patients ought to come in more often Or even less often that is anyone choice)
So you’ve created the list of sufferers who are past due. Start with the patients which should have been in nowadays and call them 1st. Next, call the patients that were as a result of be in your office recently. Then you just move back one day at any given time.

Your patients which might be the most current provides you with the highest reactivation rate. The longer they have been absent from a practice… the harder it will likely be to get them to revisit you. This is a training that should get done Each day! Most doctors only do a reactivation campaign at any time 90-180 days. Actually, nearly all doctors only execute a reactivation campaign when the office gets extra slower… you start to really feel a pinch in your pocketbook… and the mortgage payment is actually screaming at you. Hey, that’s reality.

So just plan on carrying this out patient reactivation every day your office will be open. It will experience a little overwhelming in the beginning. You will see how many patients haven’t been in to help you. You will see what the retention rate actually is… and it might scare you. Once you’ve put a dent in the first 12 months importance of patients… and you start some of the other methods you learn… you may not be making as many phone calls every day.
But keep in mind that on this… 100% retention is a myth… you will always be doing some sort of patient reactivation.

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