If you’re a professional photographer who is just about to start running a business, one of the main issues you face is getting prospective clients to find your website. While search engine optimization is definitely a solid method, it also takes time to get front page search rankings for reasonably competitive phrases like Melbourne weddding photographer. Therefore if you need to get quick traffic to your business website, your best option for the short term is going to be pay per click advertising.

PPC is an online form of advertising in which you only pay money after someone clicks on your adverts. So essentially you setup various group of search terms that you want to target. After this you set your top bid price on each of these search terms and you compete with any other businesses who’re also targeting those keywords. If there are few competitors, your cost per click will be low. If the level of competition is higher you’ll be forced to pay a bit more per click.

The issue with pay per click marketing for first time users is that they have a tendency to jump right in and begin running some campaigns without learning a few easy techniques for ensuring you don’t blow your advertising budget before you generate yourself a new client. Here are a few tips for professional photographers hoping to use pay per click marketing that will at the very least provide you with a slight edge over some of the other photographers running PPC ad campaigns on similar search terms.

The very first thing you should do is try to create small groups of keywords and create separate campaigns for each of them. So for instance you might create one campaign to target wedding photography keywords and another for portrait photography keywords. This should help you keep your advertising a bit more organized which makes it easier to identify your very best performing keywords and ad campaigns.

You then want to make sure that you test a lot of different adverts. You’ll be amazed at the amount of difference there can be in the click through rate for different adverts. The more efficient you can make your ads, the lower your click costs will be and thus you’ll be able to extend your budget a little further.
And last but not least you’ll want to make sure that your landing page is directly related to your ads. If you are running an ad targeting wedding related keywords, don’t just send them to your home page. Instead, send them instead to a page which talks about your Melbourne wedding photography skills and perhaps a special offer available only to those who have visited your site via your PPC ads. This will also help you monitor the effectiveness of your adverts and work out how many phone calls you are getting out of your PPC advertising.

So with any luck this helps you get your PPC marketing off to an excellent start. You shouldn’t just use PPC to ‘test it out’ and discover if it works. You need to instead see it as a long-term strategy you are able to call on at any time, which means you should constantly be learning more about how to succeed and enhancing your own skills as much as you can.

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