Every aspect of a person’s behavioral tendencies has some root in how they value themselves. While the roots of self esteem may have been formed in early childhood, it is never too late to nurture and develop an enhanced view of yourself. Becoming aware of low self esteem by understanding how it is formed is important as people learn to improve their experience and live happier more successful lives.

Mental health professionals know that self esteem can be built and that people have the ability to learn the skills needed to develop positive inner feelings about themselves. With a little bit of understanding and awareness, almost anybody can master the art of self acceptance
Here are some things to remember when learning to value yourself:

. Adults are responsible for raising their own self esteem. Even in the case of abuse, trauma and neglect in childhood, self esteem can be increased one small step at a time through consciously choosing and managing thoughts.

. Becoming clear on personal values and priorities is essential. Many people find themselves living their lives from their parents’ perspective. Finding your unique preferences, convictions and values is one of the keys to building self esteem.

. Learn to consciously choose to think in a positive manner until it becomes habitual. Replace negative adjectives that you may use to describe yourself such as fat, stupid, or loser to more positive descriptions like successful, kind or trustworthy. Affirm these new ways of thinking to yourself by repeating them aloud or silently. Beliefs are built through repetition. Some sample affirmations are as follows:

I am loved.
I am worthy of a good life.
I accept myself as I am.

Author and personal development expert, Michele Harvey, states in her book, From Confusion to Clarity, “If you resist the urge to hide from your pain or to isolate yourself from others, you will become larger and able to lend grander meaning to this thing we call life. You are part of the Divine. Resist the idea of judging yourself and others. Take back your wisdom and power. You are stronger than you think, and if you use the power of your soul, rather than only using your mind, you will begin to seek and to attract like-minded people and circumstances that will assist you in raising the vibration of your life.” This is deepest and truest understanding of self esteem.

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