OmniPage 18 is a significant and useful upgrade, delivering a variety of innovations and improvements focused on making checking and PDF transformation even more productive and robust. This release features a number of innovations such as Nuance Cloud Connector, that allows users to straight open, save and also convert documents online Docs,, Windows SkyDrive, and over 20 additional cloud solutions. The Nuance Cloud Connector also allows users to automatically check converted documents to prospects same cloud conditions, eliminating cumbersome logon and upload methods.

OmniPage 18 was designed having a strong focus on individual input, resulting in a product with the highest levels of quality and accuracy ever, said Robert Weideman, General Manager and Elderly Vice President for the Nuance Document Imaging Division. With well over 70 percent of OmniPage buyers already using record cloud services, this kind of release brings the energy and value of OCR and scanning to a growing mobile and cloud-connected world.

OmniPage 18 also delivers greater speed as well as convenience than ever before. OmniPage 18 saves users 15 minutes or more per web site, compared to manually re-creating any document translating in to an hour of time rescued for a simple four page document. Additionally, OmniPage 18 increases their PDF conversion speed, delivering 30 percent quicker processing for multi-page PDF files, and contains new scanner enlargement tools (SET) that use automatic image static correction to improve the quality of inadequately scanned images. For example, whiteboard content may be captured using a cellular phone camera, with the image enhanced for legibility using OmniPage 18.

Another first for OmniPage 18 is its modern PDF conversion potential. Where other items can destroy annotation data as they make scanned PDF files searchable, OmniPage 18 includes the actual eDiscovery Assistant, which results in a more optimised retrieveable PDF while preserving sticky notes and also annotations within the PDF. The effect delivers exactly what customers want all the present PDF annotations are rescued, and they have the ability to research all the scanned articles in the PDF. The actual eDiscovery Assistant also supports set conversion, making OmniPage an invaluable tool for those utilizing contracts, document alterations, HR materials, along with scanned financial and tax information.

OmniPage 18: No. 1 in Deciphering and Document The conversion process
Key capabilities along with benefits of Nuance OmniPage 18:
One of the most accurate is now better still. OmniPage 18 delivers up to and including 67 percent rise in layout accuracy as well as an 18 percent persona accuracy improvement pertaining to turning paper into editable digital documents.

Mobile document capture. Employ images from iPhone , iPad , or a digital camera and convert them into a readable structure for mobile devices as well as electronic book readers.

Transform documents in the impair. Convert documents held in Windows Live SkyDrive, GoogleDocs, Evernote, Dropbox, and many more. Includes the Nuance Foriegn Connector powered by Gladinet.

Full forms processing. Transform paper forms in order to fillable forms and disperse electronically. OmniPage can gather data from Pdf file or paper varieties and export with a spreadsheet or database compliant format.

Terminology recognition for over 120 languages. Process, revise and store papers from anywhere in the world. Today supports Chinese, Japanese and Korean ‘languages’.
Pricing and Access
OmniPage 18 is 79.99 and OmniPage 18 is 299.99 pertaining to individual users, along with volume discounts offered through the Nuance Open License Program. Upgrade costs and support goods are also available.

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