Getting fit and shaping up is different for everyone. There’s no cookie-cutter solution. It’s different for each body and more so if you have a more advanced fitness level. If you’re one of those individuals who are exploring exercise programs that will test your level, then you might be able to find help in Iron Dolls by Karen Sessions and TACFIT Commando by Scott Sonnon. Every one of these books caters to individual specific needs that can take your workouts to the next level. They can also give your body the form you’ve always wanted to achieve but never seem to develop with the usual exercise programs. Here are the specifics:

Iron Dolls by Karen Sessions is a body enhancing program that centers around giving women the bulk and definition that is worth an entering into competition. Unlike rights and opportunities that have leveled across genders over time, each gender’s biologica makeup still as they were from the beginning of time. In truth, women will always have a harder time building muscle than do men. Making room for fat is simply much more automatic and natural for women than keeping muscle. This is why if you’re a female and you’re aiming to fully reshape your body without resorting to unnatural means, you’d find the detailed take of Karen Sessions in this book a huge help. It is important to mention too that Karen Sessions herself is into bodybuilding with years of experience and titles under her belt.

TACFIT Commando is a fitness program that’s intended to give you “real” muscles. Nearly all body building programs might give you magnificent, enormous chunks of muscles but these muscles are usually limited in purpose. When you are required to use these muscles for real-life situations, you might be stunned that you aren’t as strong as you believe. This is where TACFIT Commando steps in. The writer Scott Sonnon has all the knowledge needed to make strong, responsive and functional muscles. The methods in this program are what Sonnon uses with his clients that include firefighters, special ops personnel and real-life Marines. The program helps them whip up their muscles to their fullest strength and capacity. If you wish to understand more about these programs plus their creators’ profiles, you can go to Iron Dolls Review at

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