So if you are taking into consideration Zeek Rewards as a home based business We congratulate you on your work at home endeavor. This article will be aimed at those who are considering Zeek Rewards and are faintly familiar with the actual compensation and rewards strategy. I will give a brief breakdown of the compensation plan and still provide insight to whether you aren’t Zeek Rewards is indefinitely lasting.

For Starters, is a revenue sharing business model. The affiliate marketers are paid in promoting for Zeekler’s penny auction internet site. The affiliates are recognized daily for the volume of VIP points that they have. Thus, what exactly does this almost all mean?
As a Zeek Rewards internet marketer, your goal is to publicize for the penny auction web site by placing 1 advertisement a day and providing proof of that to the company. At the end of the business enterprise day, which is all around 5pm EST, you will be rewarded based on the level of VIP points you have as a Zeek Rewards affiliate. The whole method is a point based system.

Another responsibility like a Zeek Rewards affiliate is to buy taste bids for the penny auctions, after which to give them away since free samples. As you provide them away, you earn VIP details. The more VIP points you’ve got equals the higher the daily reward. The company adds all sales following each day and then 50% of the profit goes to the corporation and the other 50% is then paid out to all online marketers who have posted his or her ad that day. This is often a daily occurrence and imperative to post your ad daily.

The particular 50% that goes to certified affiliates, those who have posted their daily ad, is then paid out along with the amount is determined for the amount of VIP points that each affiliate has. The organization takes the amount of money that is designated for the internet marketers and then divides in which by the current VIP level total of all online marketers who have posted his or her daily ad then comes up with a portion. That percentage usually is catagorized between .5-2%.

Whatever that percentage is establishes how much you will get recognized for that day. Say your current VIP point balance is 10,000 as well as the current daily commission percentage is 1.4% meaning you will get 10,000 x 1.4% which equals $140. You can take the whole $140 and funds it out, use it to buy more sample bids, or use it for a mixture of both. It’s highly recommended an individual roll 80% back into the company and cash out 20% for max growth on both comes to an end.

In a nutshell, yes zeekler rewards is indefinitely sustainable for the reason that payouts are from day-to-day profits from on that day. Zeek Rewards is a debt free business and is not an investment of any kind! Your job is to advertise the penny auctions. The more people going to the penny auctions means the better the whole business is doing in general which equals a pleasant company, affiliates, as well as bidders!

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