There are many website hosting solutions available. I think about myself fortunate for getting started with Bluehost. A lot of sites I submit is hosted with Bluehost. Also i use HostGator for other sites.

This is an accounts of my personal knowledge of Bluehost.

My Personal Bluehost Customer Support Instance #1

When I started building websites, I had no idea what I was doing. I just published and wrote as well as wrote. As period went on, I discovered techniques for improving my SEO, the conversion process, and website design.

I recall distinctly having a pair of websites with about 50 to 60 webpages of content My spouse and i spent months producing. Then I decided I want to a different domain name for one of my sites. My problem had been I had no idea how to travel a website to a new area.

I had nowhere to go except my web host service which was and is Bluehost. I called these up, was on hold for Ten seconds or so, and ended up being politely introduced to a technical support representative. I explained my predicament. He responded having a “no problem” and asked easily had about 20 minutes to manage the operation. I needed all the time in the world when he could help.

This particular Bluehost customer support rep took the reins and inside 20 minutes or so got migrated my entire website to my new domain name without a problem.

My Personal Bluehost Customer Support Illustration #2

I’ve done some ridiculous technical stuff along with my websites while I’ve learned to build websites. One day I absent-mindedly re-installed WordPress on an founded website with a lot of content material. When you re-install WordPress on the site, you lose your entire site. That’s what occurred to me. Months regarding effort vanished within minutes.

I decided to call Bluehost to view what could be done. Thankfully, Bluehost had automatically copied that site about a week prior to. Long story short, the kind Bluehost technical support representative was able to restore my entire site I had lost. This functioning took about 50 moments (I was told never to count on Bluehost to have a current backup – however in this case they taught me to be tremendously).

Bluehost’s Prompt Customer support

Not all hosting companies are usually equal when it comes to customer service. I know, because ahead of I signed up using Bluehost, I had some domain names registered with one more very popular hosting service. Now, in the website hosting organization, one goal is customers to register domain names with their service since the chances that consumer will then open a hosting account with them can be high.

But, this previous hosting service entirely dropped the golf ball in two ways with me.

First, I needed a little help with managing my own domain names registered with their service. I called them and had been on hold for 20 minutes. This was a real drag.

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