Understanding NLP Thinking Styles
What if you had an apparatus that could measure how people think, how would you use it? How would you use that machine to help people change? How would you use that apparatus to help groups and organizations? MindSonar is a web based psychological system that measures NLP meta programs (thinking styles) and criteria (what someone finds important). Metaprograms are building blocks of your thinking style, things like ‘towards’ (focus on goals) versus ‘away from’ (focus on problems). Your thinking style is a combination of metaprograms: different metaprograms working together. Your metaprograms often determine your actions and your feelings.

MindSonar, Who uses it?
MindSonar is being used all over the world by coaches, trainers, consultants and organizational developers. MindSonar helps them get to the heart of people’s thinking. They use MindSonar in important organizations like the Dutch military (leadership development), a top German automobile brand (sales), a National sports federation (selecting new jury members), an Olympic team (team building) and one of Europe’s premier banks (marketing). There are non-commercial uses of MindSonar too; it is also used in schools, volunteer groups and day care centres.

A New type of Test
MindSonar is different from most other psychological tests. Personality tests will say what you are like as a person; always and everywhere. Many people feel limited and confined by these tests. Some commonly used personality tests will even say how sick or healthy your personality is in psychiatric terms. Fortunately, MindSonar is not like that. It measures how you think in a certain situation. MindSonar assumes that you may think in different ways in different situations. So you are not ‘pinned to a type’ or ‘put in a box’. MindSonar does notassume that certain thinking styles are good or bad. MindSonar assumes that all thinking styles have their place and time were they can be useful.

Professional use only
You will not find MindSonar as a do-it-yourself test on the web. MindSonar is offered exclusively through a network of trained and certified MindSonar professionals. There is great added value in the guidance that a trained MindSonar professional can offer. The combination of the the professional and the measurement is much more powerful that just the measurement by itself.

MindSonar: new method used by consultants to measure how people think. Learn more: http://www.mindsonar.info

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