In a perfect world, our body’s defense mechanisms would function optimally. We wouldn’t be without any disorders like cancer and infection but our immune system would function at its best.
Our immune system is under continual bombardment, whether it is through the food we eat, the air we breathe or the water we drink-not to say whatever man can throw at it. In today’s world, we have to maintain a healthy immune system.

It’s important to recognize the truth that our immune system is under this continuous attack at all times from countless kinds of viruses, bacteria and fungi. Without the capacity to combat these contaminates, our lives might possibly be turned upside down from the ‘explosion’ of ailment that would inevitably destroy us. The Immune System is among the most advanced biological systems within your body. Without this we would die.

In reality, there are several intrinsic (inside the body) factors and extrinsic (outside the body) factors in our world which make our immune system weaker than it should be. There are things within our surroundings that are increasingly testing the bounds of even the best facets of our capacity to protect ourselves.

Many, if not completely, ailments have one common factor as to whether or not you could potentially become vulnerable or succumb to them easier than others.
A brief scan of similar articles on any new or established disease bear this out . Further, the CDC warns people who are affected from this issue should not receive specific kinds of vaccinations . What exactly is this common factor that many articles on disease, flu, cold, etc. vulnerability disclose ?
Three words, “Weakened Immune System”

A deterioration of your immune system can happen from a wide array of issues. Many of these factors may surprise you. The reports found on ImmuneSupportCentral.ORG revealed details a number of these little known variables that can weaken our immune system and just what we can do about it.

Unlike secondary or acquired immune deficiency diseases, which are attributable to infectious, chemical or radiological agents, the estimated 80 primary immunodeficiency diseases are inherited conditions by which specific cells in the immune system don’t function properly. Clinical symptoms vary from mild or nonexistent, as in the case of selective IgA deficiency, towards the serious, such as the case of combined immunodeficiency (SCID), typically called “bubble-boy” syndrome. Although susceptibility to infections is a major consequence of the primary immunodeficiency diseases, they may cause other health problems also, including allergies, asthma, swollen joints, digestive tract problems, growth problems or an enlarged liver and spleen. Approximately 25,000 to 50,000 Americans are severely affected.

Have you ever felt a tad “under the weather?”
Do you remember the last time you awoke in the middle of the night having a throbbing head ache or cough wandering off to the bathroom, turning on the light to find some cough syrup, aspirin, etc. and wondering what you just caught?
With the latest emerging diseases, everyone has visions or worries we may become a victim of the latest man-made creation.

We sometimes wonder what we could do to reduce our worries that many of us, or those we love, may become another statistic on the latest flu or disease epidemic.
There are many extrinsic factors around us that either impair or overwhelm the immune system. Some of the little known daily extrinsic factors that can contribute to a weakening of your immune system are:
. Diet
. Sugar
. Air Travel
. Exercise
. The Good Life
. Stress

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