Now i’m gonna break this entire concept of How to get a girl to like you without having to submit and become a whipped wuss. Let’s get another thing straight…feminine, vulnerable women are fascinated by strength. Look at all the hot feminine chicks and what they are enticed to–athletes, firemen, policemen, rappers along with rock stars, martial artists, etc. This isn’t a great deal what they do but how these people act…with strong confidence. I’m planning to share with you some of the traits that attract ladies:

Strength-Mentally, physically, and emotionally. Feminine women can be extremely gentle and bashful. If a man strategies her with the intention to cause her several physical or emotive harm, she wants to understand that her gentleman has the ability to protect the girl from other men who your woman may feel powerless against. This is the reason why you may see women with men who are boxers, MMA fighters, and bouncers. They want to feel like they are able to walk in public without the fear of being pranked or assaulted. She also wants to understand that if another person cell phone calls her out your ex name that her man will correct the situation by letting the individual know that it’s a big mistake to talk to his / her woman like that. This does not have to be a fists fight or debate. A man who can intimidate another man or anybody without stepping into a fight is a very attractive trait for women.

The “I live by my own rules” mindset. The reason why women really like bad boys is because they live by their own guidelines and don’t give a damn about what you have to declare about them. This is where the actual rock star/rapper type matches this whole thing. Artists and rock star lifestyles are all about rise up (not so much these days but back in their beginning). When a rapper talks about how much money he tends to make or how tough he is and how he screams the world, women get turned on with this because this is the perfect example of not supplying a damn by what you think about him. The idea screams that he beliefs himself and doesn’t cower directly into society’s belief of how they should be. He is his own man.

Intelligence as well as smarts. A man to know how to make money and is aware what he would like out of life is very attractive to women. Women love men who have got self-confidence and the ability to help make bold decisions. It isn’t always about the money, nevertheless the man’s ability to find what he wishes. When a man features massive self-confidence and ideals himself, she will have an advanced level of respect with regard to him. Women love being with men that are great providers. This does not mean shower your ex with gifts but have the makings of your man who can placed food on the table and still provide her with stability and security. Smarts includes both guide smarts and street smarts.

The ability to while making love satisfy her. Don’t even think for a second that will sex isn’t vital that you women. I don’t care how much women say they love you, when you are lacking in the bedroom, it will cause problems for you later on in your romantic relationship. If you can’t strike those spots to make her orgasm, she’ll look for another person behind your rear who can do it.

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