Prior to the freedom of the country, the British got introduced the Assam Frontier (Supervision of Justice) Legislations, 1945, so as to ensure that a vast majority of disputes and circumstances, both civil and legal, were adjudicated in accordance with the current traditional codes of the tribe communities. Even though the Indian Penal Code had been in existence to help holding of trial offers by regular tennis courts whenever it grew to become absolutely necessary, nevertheless, it absolutely was well recognized that the typical legal system was unsuitable for the tribal organisations.

The regulations identified the age old authority associated with village councils, exactly where they existed, also the authority of community headmen and the system of Chieftainship, in so far as they contributed to the continuance associated with indigenous legal system. In accordance with the Regulation, the ordinary responsibilities of police in respect associated with crimes were to be discharged from the village authorities, hired under section 5 from the Regulation of 1945, who were additionally entrusted with the activity of maintaining serenity and order in their jurisdiction.

The Legislations, however, stated clearly that the village government bodies would not be deemed being police officers for purposes of part 25 and section Twenty six of the Indian Evidence Work, 1872 or the section 62 in the Code of Criminal Method 1898. These statutory community authorities were not the same as Kebangs, the traditional village councils. A village authority has been empowered to demand a fine not exceeding Rs.50/- for any offence in which, they were competent to try. With regard to police duties, the particular village authorities, besides keeping watch upon suspicious characters, had the energy to apprehend any person thought of having committed a crime or even hand over a person therefore apprehended to the politics officer or an Associate Political Officer for custody.

Provisions have been also made for draws higher courts of law against the decision involving a village authority. Thus, at the basic level regarding village, the traditional community authorities were left with comprehensive freedom to regulate your social, cultural and legal affairs with the villages. Above the village level, where ancient political and legal structure was missing, the gap was looked for to be filled by the regular administrative equipment as prevailed in other parts of the country. Even so, the society getting primarily rural, situations like this were extremely unusual.

All the district home office of the erstwhile NEFA were set up between 1953 and 1955. The actual sub-division were under Helper Political Officers I (later designated Assistant Commissioners) and Associate Political Officers II (later on designated Extra Associate Commissioners); and administrative sectors were under Bottom Superintendents ( later designated Eliptical Officers). Though a separate Indian Police Service cadre had been constituted for the Union Areas, NEFA became an Union Territory under the changed nomenclature involving arunachal pradesh police only in 1972. The particular policing of the place prior to that was vested to the Assam Rifles which in fact served as frontier safeguards but also had the additional duty of defending the newly founded administrative centers along with maintaining peace amongst the tribes.

Those days the Assam Rifles ended up being under the command of a Civil officer- the Inspector Common of the Assam Rifles-who was liable to the governor of Assam, in the capacity as Realtor to the Government associated with India. There was no modify either in character or status of the organization until eventually 1959. the situation along the global border after 1959 begun to grow hot along with tense in view involving repeated Chinese intrusions over the border, as a consequence, the Assam Rifles was placed under the operational charge of the Army. Even after the actual Chinese attack in 1962, the actual Assam Rifles continued its features of Civil Police in certain onward areas. It was much later that the CRPF was inducted within a big way for the purpose of policing.

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