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One Belize City female will be spending this Christmas in a new home because of the government’s housing project. Right now Kathleen Patnett crossed the tolerance of her house at number forty-one West Collet Canal and had a peek around. News 5 was there for that big moment.

Kathleen Patnett, Home Owner

“It’s hard to explain; it’s a great deal joy, so much. It’s simply hard to explain throughout words. It’s a great feeling. As well as it’s not just any property, the house is very huge.”

Q: “Did you expect such a house?”

Kathleen Patnett

“No, I didn’t, I didn’t expect it to be that spacious, right. After i saw the plan, My spouse and i said this property looks small but after looking at it here, it’s very spacious.”

Q: “And just in time for the particular Christmas?”

Kathleen Patnett

“Oh yes just in time for the Christmas. Ooh I’m very happy, I can’t make clear just how happy I am.”

Q: “Kathleen what were things like before?”

Kathleen Patnett

“Very undesirable. The house was in a really bad condition. Your house was over five decades and the steps have been falling down, the particular verandah was in a very poor condition. And when Mr. Bradley saw the condition of this, he chose us to be first.”

Richard Bradley, Minister of Housing

“Well she is not really the initial recipient. The procedure is in which in fact in various elements of Belize City and in the districts, what’s going on, from about weeks ago, I think it is perhaps as early as in October the Housing Division announced that we is going to be handing out a special application. And that primarily, which application form is to accumulate necessary data to view how heavy your demand was for just one bedroom, two room and three bed room type homes, whether it was concentrated mostly in certain parts of Belize City, all of Belize City, certain districts, countrywide.
Away from that we discuss with the best Minister and individuals the Cabinet that actually there was a screaming to start a homes program as early as possible because of the state of affairs with regards to properties for many of our residents. In the case of Ms. Patnett the girl was a bit improve in application, because she already have recently been applying to other financial institutions and she had by now gotten her reports. She was familiar with the process of signing a home loan, she was willing to make the necessary sacrifices, to pay back the regular monthly figure towards that mortgage.”

The house has been constructed by Jacinto Rodriquez and the team of workers in five weeks. The house, which costs thirty-five thousands of dollars, is a three bedroom concrete bungalow. Patnett signed a mortgage that requires the woman’s to pay two hundred and eighty-nine dollars a month.

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