With our New Spot in Puyallup, Meridian Transmission is becoming well-liked throughout the Puyallup area for transmission maintenance and services. Improve the performance of one’s vehicle with transmission repair as well as replacement services from your qualified staff in the Puyallup area. Our family-owned and also operated business is happy to feature an experienced, dependable and truthful transmission mechanic staff reinforced by more than Six decades of combined transmission substitution and repair experience.

Transmission Repairs
From a basic Puyallup area transmission flush to a total rebuild of your technique, our mechanics are generally well-versed in all the nuances of automobile transmission service. For your reassurance, our business offers nationwide warranties regarding 3 years or 36,000 miles along with extended options available.

Various other Mechanical Services
In addition to our Puyallup area transmission repair services, our expert movement also provide a wide range of additional automobile maintenance and also repair services. Visit our own Mechanical Services Site for a comprehensive set of our services.

. How frequently to change transmission fluid
. How to make use of the overdrive
. How to not damage the Torque Converter Pump

Note, the information contained in the guide is for educational functions only and cannot alternative to the advice of expert mechanic or certified dealer. Different cars possess different requirements; for information specific for a car consult your owner’s manual or call your local supplier.

The automatic transmission is one of the nearly all complicated and thus among the less reliable elements of the vehicle. The repair associated with an automatic transmission is complex and tends to be very costly. More than that, automatic transmission issue will make your car hazardous – some transmission defects may cause, for example, how the car can roll with the shifter in Park or drive forwards with shifter in Natural. On the other hand, if having a good care of, your own transmission can last you really lengthy with no significant problems. On this page you may find some easy tips how to prevent the automatic transmission from injury and keep it in a very good shape. It doesn’t demand too much of your efforts – just periodical looking at and regular servicing. Tip: Have you looked in your vehicle owner’s manual? Try, it’s a best method to obtain information on your vehicle maintenance. You will be amazed the number of useful info many times in this book! Having more questions? Have no idea of what type of fluid to use? – just call Meridian Transmission and have them, they have all the details and they will be pleased to help you.

. What can damage your transmission
. How to prevent automatic transmission coming from damage
. How to use super speed
. Servicing your transmission
. When it’s time to check out the transmission shop
. Where to find repair information, diagrams, specification, and many others.

What can damage your own automatic transmission
Most of the transmission difficulties start from overheating. Beneath heavy load, including towing a heavy trailers, rocking the vehicle from the snow, having constant stop and proceed traffic in hot weather, racing, etc. the transmission overheats. At higher temps the transmission fluid melts away, losing its lubricating attributes and becomes oxidized leaving behind deposits all over in the transmission. Exposed to the heat the rubber seals as well as gaskets inside the transmission become hardened causing leaks. Your metal parts extremely high and lose their strength. This all, sooner or later, results in transmission malfunction. For example, a friend regarding mine burned the particular transmission when he was content spinning the wheels too difficult trying to free his gleaming Audi from the compacted snow on the next day after he bought it! However, overheating is not the simply reason – often transmission breaks down because of poor design, due to not enough maintenance or after being rebuilt simply by inexperienced technician. Few other reasons: harsh traveling, too low or way too high transmission fluid level or even wrong transmission fluid sort – a person I am aware added gear gas into the automatic transmission… imagine, what happen? – the transmission died after 40 minutes regarding driving!

How to prevent your transmission from damage
– Regularly check your parking space for water leaks. Doesn’t matter, is it the engine oil trickle, power steering smooth or transmission fluid; if you locate any, get it preset before it caused something serious. – Once in a while check the transmission water level and problem. Not all cars however have the automatic transmission dipstick, in some cars, for example, at the end of Volkswagen models, your transmission fluid can only be checked by the dealer. Talk to your owner’s manual for details. If the transmission smooth level is too low, there exists a leak somewhere which needs to be fixed.

– Affect the fluid as often mainly because it said in your user guide or when it will become too dark (rather darkish than red) or dirty. Also, take into account that an automatic transmission can not be energy depleted completely

– almost always there is some transmission fluid still left inside the transmission (the twisting converter, in the control device body, etc.) which means you only can change about %60 with the fluid at once. This is one more reason to change it more often.

– Don’t use anything but the same type of the particular transmission fluid as specified in the owner’s manual as well as on the dipstick. Some autos (e.g Avoid Caravan) are very sensitive to fluid type – Never ever shift to the Opposite or Parking before car comes to a whole stop.

– Never shift from the Parking mode when motor rpm is higher than normal idle. – Usually hold a tires down when transferring from Parking.

– The automatic transmission can be harmed if towing with the drive wheels while travelling. Always use a dolly or perhaps place powered added wheels on the towing podium (if the vehicle can be front wheel generate – tow it from the front departing rear wheels on the highway.

How to use overdrive
In most cases, overdrive (O/D) is the maximum gear in the transmission. On many cars the automatic transmission features 3 speeds as well as Overdrive (forth pace). Overdrive allows the actual engine to have a smaller amount rpm with faster in order to have better fuel efficiency. Whenever you switch it on, you allow the transmission to shift into super speed mode after the specific speed is attained (usually 30 – 40 mph depending on the load). When it’s off, you limit transmission shifting by third speed. In normal driving condition the super speed should be always about. You may need to switch rid of it when driving within mountainous area as well as towing a trailers. [The automatic transmission automatically work day from OD to the 3-th gear when it feel more load. When it thinks less load this shifts back to your O/D, but under specific conditions, e.g: driving uphill or towing a movie trailer, the transmission can not choose to stay in OD or to shift into 3-th speed and yes it starts to shift back and forth. That’s the time you might switch it off and help the transmission to decide.] . You also may need to switch it off when you want for you to slowdown using the powerplant braking, for example, driving downhill. [For more details, look at owner’s manual]

Servicing your current transmission
I’d recommend bringing you car to our go shopping – we have original parts, we know what exactly type
of the smooth to use and the technicians are highly trained to service your car. Even if you go to the vendor, always ask to make use of original parts – sometimes, they give you generic parts which not similar quality as original.

When it’s time to navigate to the transmission shop
If you expertise any problems with the transmission such as leaks, disturbance, problems with shifting, and many others. (Follow this link to learn more: How to verify an automatic transmission) – will not wait until the problem can be worse and auto will finally stop a place on a highway, go to your trusted local transmission shop. Computerized transmission problems never disappear by themselves. Also, any time going for the repair, try and explain to service man or woman more detailed – what precisely problem you experience, when it happens, what does this look like. It will be easier to allow them to repair the transmission. Before going towards the transmission shop for the repair question them about the warranty – the longer warranty they will give you, the better may be the repair.

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