Whether it is for backing up sensitive data, expanding on a computer systems existing memory capability or to offer ease in transporting data elsewhere, a 1TB external hard drive is certainly a very welcome device. Storage devices such as these are available in several different formats, wired and wireless, although those that are built to connect via the computers USB port are often the most popular on the market. Let’s look at some of the points to consider if shopping for a reliable external hard drive –

Performance – aim for one of the high-capacity 1TB external hard drives which are able to transfer at a rate no less than 480MB of data per second form a computer or laptop to external device. Also, look for products which offer the latest USB 3.0 certified hard drives as the transfer speeds on these devices is a great deal higher than the more standard USB 2.0. If you store a lot of data, such as high-resolution images or downloadable movies, than you will certainly appreciate the dramatically increased performance that comes with high transfer and USB 3.0 devises.

Data Protection – a feature that is of high significance to most is having the ability to secure sensitive data and files. It is not difficult nowadays to find hardware of this nature which comes with such desirable features as password protection, automatic backup options, hardware encryption and built-in diagnostics. Back-up devises without a means to secure the data are still commonly available, these might be acceptable for simple back-up needs at home, but should really be avoided for business purposes. For the highest security, a USB external hard drive might well come with a security slot which allows you to bind the device in place, which prevents unauthorized removal.

Ease of Use – if you decide to store some of your most precious data on an external hard than you want to be sure of knowing how to retrieve it at a later date. Accessing data and entering the appropriate passwords, if applicable, all needs to be a quick and simple process. Having the ability to use an online technical support service is desirable. Some of the ‘plug and play’ devices might sound the easiest option, although these often come with an extra software package if wishing to install the latest security features. A good rule of thumb is to get a good combination of initial set-up and security-based features.

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