Erectile dysfunction is a condition in which a man cannot maintain an erection for a long time during the sexual activity. It can be a situation where a man can not erect quickly. Difficulty in maintaining an erection usually affects a lot of men who have psychological issues, diabetes and alcohol, drugs among other causes Foredi Gel.

Premature ejaculation however is a medical condition when a man reaches climax very quickly without having to contain the satisfaction or content partner. have difficulty to maintain an erection can also cause premature ejaculation.

Erectile Dysfunction and Depression
When a guy experiences erectile dysfunction, it’s quite possible that he will strain that he is not able to meet their partner. During each sexual act, he will lack focus on sex, because his or her mind will be centered on fears of loss in erection, which may be difficult to achieve in the first place. In case you have such concerns, ejaculation problems will occur consequently. Too much anxiety can cause depression, which would intensify erectile dysfunction and ejaculation problems causes.

Most guys experience erectile dysfunction tend to be depressed due to feeling unworthy partner. This type of person will think that he may not be able to satisfy their partner. Men with this problem would not have the confidence inside performing well intimately.

Erectile Dysfunction and Anxiousness
With the problem when attempting to maintain an erection, a man usually has a fixation on him that he cannot sustain an orgasm. With one of these concerns in mind, he’d try to reach orgasmic pleasure very quickly lose your own erection prior to climax. Ejaculation is usually synchronized by the brain over the nervous system. When the male organ is sexually, male climax occurs after the orgasm of stimulation.

When a man focuses his / her mind on the ejaculate too quickly, the nervous system will really cause ejaculation faster. This causes premature ejaculation, as a partner stays unsatisfied. When a guy feels that the set may not have been content, he will develop a panic or anxiety that the couple may possibly seek sexual satisfaction from other men. Stress and anxiety has become more difficult, and it may also cause depression.

Erectile Dysfunction and medicine
Many men who have erectile dysfunction may have developed troubles as a result of the side connection between the drug. Drugs that increase sex drive usually have side effects that induce erectile dysfunction. This is a direct cause of premature ejaculation as being a man will not be able to delay orgasm. Drugs which increase the libido is generally made from chemical human hormones. These hormones induce the brain for the penile erection to be held for a long time. However, reliance on chemical hormone drugs generally causes deterioration of erectile dysfunction, which in turn declines the condition of premature ejaculation.

In case erectile dysfunction and rapid ejaculation is not treated, it can problems in a partnership. Couples should always be liberated to talk to each other regarding these issues to get a remedy. When it comes to using the effective treatments to help conquer premature ejaculation, it is always better to take natural supplements Agen Gasa which may have the right ingredients.

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