When looking for your next IT job don’t feel overwhelmed by the various computer job game titles, tech-related vacancies and numerous IT skills and specialisations necessary. There are so many different IT jobs out there in today’s digital world it’s easy to feel lost in cyber space. We have put together a quick introduction to the general types of IT jobs available to support you in finding your next technical job without obtaining confused:

This IT job consists of writing software applications with the aid of computer coding languages and creating then implementing computer information.

Database Administrator
Within this role you will be responsible for the particular implementation, planning as well as administration of relational database management systems.

Database Analyst
You may be involved in setting up, designing and developing a company’s data flow model and the architecture of their database.

Hardware Engineer
Your main responsibilities will be specifying and also designing computers along with communication hardware workings.

Help Desk Technician
With this IT job you will be supporting end-user software apps face to face, over the phone as well as through a remote gain access to.

Information Systems Manager
You might also be known as an IT Manager. You will manage the overall internal information technology architecture for the organisation. You will also be responsible for management with the information systems including the operating systems, listings, networks, server servicing and technical support.

Internetworking Engineer
When searching for IT jobs you will possibly not come across this role as often. It is more commonly known as an Internet Engineer and you will be responsible for controlling and maintaining the organisation’s website along with WAN connectivity.

Multimedia Developer
This IT job allows developers to use encoding and development resources such as Dreamweaver and Macromedia Thumb to build interactive content and develop quality mass media content.

Network Administrator
As a Network Administrator you will end up maintaining your company’s Local Area Network (LAN).

Network Engineer
This role is similar to Administrator IT jobs in that you’ll be working with the LAN. Most of your role will be planning, designing and implementing the particular LANs and WANs.

Network Security Analyst
Many IT jobs concentrate on design and implementations regarding networks. This job exclusively looks at security policies.

PC Support Specialist
You’ll be assisting end-users with problem solving errors, personal computer maintenance and management.

Working as an IT Programmer allows you to develop computer programmes permitting end-users to interface directly with computer hardware and running systems

Software Engineer
This job includes responsibilities such as programming large-scale computer systems as well as applications.

Systems Analyst
These IT Jobs contain research, planning as well as recommending system choices to satisfy your organisation’s needs.

Systems Administrator
You will manage a company’s working and computer systems.

Technical Writers
While this job doesn’t need the same qualifications because other IT job descriptions it still falls within the technical sector. You will be providing documentation regarding internal computer systems or third-party vendors.

You will end up responsible for the implementation and administration associated with a website.

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