With more than 100 million listings in 240 countries,Cybo.com is now the largest and fastest growing international business directory in the world, forging a new frontier of opportunity for global trade and commerce.

While English is considered to be the international language of business, only an estimated 25% of today’s global internet users search the web in English. Cybo bridges the language barrier by making it possible for businesses and consumers to search the web in 50 different languages. More than 99% of the world’s Internet users can now access Cybo’s directory in their language of choice.

Using Cybo, businesses can collaborate, communicate and build valuable industry relationships worldwide. Consumers can locate goods and services in their own backyards or in another hemisphere, without having to know a single word of another language.

Whether it’s business-to-business or business-to-consumer, the potential connections that can be made through Cybo are virtually endless. Manufacturers can diversify their supply and distribution networks; professionals can provide services to clients around the world; and companies can sell their goods to customers far and wide. In short, wherever they are, whatever they want, whatever language they speak, Cybo connects people to businesses that meet their needs.

What started out nine months ago as a website attracting just a few thousand visitors a month has grown to a site that attracts 500,000 unique visitors monthly. While Cybo’s numbers have skyrocketed, the privately held company has maintained a low profile and minimal overhead, employing just a handful of staff, working out of a modest office near the University of Oregon in Eugene.

Cybo’s founders, attribute the site’s explosive growth to their acquisition of numerous robust global databases, a clean, user-friendly search experience, and search engine optimization designed to attract the attention of international web browsers. For example, a business listing on Cybo can be found by searchers in the US using Google, in France using Google.fr, in Canada using Bing, in Russia with Yandex, in China with Baidu, and in South Korea using Naver.

Cybo will soon allow businesses to claim their listing pages and users will be able to update, rate and review products, services and businesses. The company also has plans to bring its data to the rapidly expanding mobile realm with location-based searching.

In addition to offering the most complete database of business listings, Cybo also provides a people search directory with the largest email directory in the world. Cybo is now the world’s largest and most versatile reverse directory, offering reverse searches by address, phone, email, website, zip code, area code and suffix.

Cybo is the world’s Largest Business Directory international yellow pages, and global business directory

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