A clipboard is a convenient piece of stationary, that enables you to carry one or several pieces of paper on the road. Clipboards also provide you with a firm surface in places you can write upon, so eliminates the requirement to be at a desk, or obtain an alternative hard surface to write down upon paper.

A few vast number of industries and business who use clipboards, using one of the most popular, and probably probably the most recognisable is the survey and marketing industry. You will frequently see those who are conducting surveys in public areas areas such as supermarkets and popular high-streets carrying clipboards. These products are actually very practical for marketing staff, because they allow them to securely, and neatly carry paper surveys. You will probably find that clipboards will have a lot of features, which makes tasks such as conducting a survey easier and much more convenient.

For instance, one feature you may find on clipboards is a build in holder, which can be perfect for carrying one or sometimes several pens. Clipboards are also available in several sizes, to help you always find the perfect size to your requirements and preferences. Furthermore is you can even purchase clipboards which have a handy cover. It can be items with this feature, which often prove very popular with marketing staff, since they provide an extra component of protection for paper, and surveys, specially in the event of rain. The covers will often be attached to the clipboard and can basically be folded open and closed again once finished. Additionally, clipboards comes in a vast range of materials, with those covered in plastic being popular due to them being very durable, especially again conditions.

If you run your own personal business and want to grow in exposure perhaps you could try to personalise your company clipboards. You will see that may company who may have employees who work with a clipboard, will often make the most of these handy stationary items by branding them their company logo. This can be very easy to do, and lets you not only place your logo on the outer surface of a clipboard, but you could also include information for example your company website, email address or even purchase a clipboard with your company’s colour schemes.


People that conduct surveys in public will find that a clipboard is a crucial piece of stationary to possess. You will have a strong and sturdy surface to relax upon when writing, and also a safe and secure place to store documents when outdoors. Companies will also find that they could use these handy items just as one additional way to advertise their goods and services.

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