Many people in the arts come handy craft concept, but not everyone knows what it means. Well the idea and concept of applied art conceived man named Ephraim Ilin seventies in the last century, the belief that art is to be integrated in society in everyday life. As a growing awareness of this growing issue of this useful art upgraded over the years. Applied art is actually art that deals with the skills and techniques of all kinds of art related topics that can be used.

Following the development of the applied arts increased diversity of the works on this subject such as:

There is the option of a unique painting art, this framework can learn realistic painting from different types and different techniques from the base. Measurement techniques, sequencing plate and preparing fabrics, using pastel, charcoal and oil paints, study observing correct in understanding the drama of light and shadow, understanding what the power of simple geometric forms moving three-dimensional objects into the top two dimensional and making a decision successful in selecting the model and building composition and perspective.

Art fold – called, also origami is a great way to make different pieces of paper. When you can make a folded paper swan, flowers, t-shirts, various animals, etc. .. And then paint the same pieces in different colors.

Fimo – used as an art piece of ashtrays, subtitles to the door, softly, variety of figures, vases and other practical art. When after creating Fimo put it in the oven to it’s difficulty, and can achieve a variety of colors clay.

Mache art work – when you can sculpt a range of objects, images and more … Using paper pulp.

Crafting, jewelry accessories

Applied art – wires of all kinds: Fishing, silicon, copper, leather, various Rhyme wires, crystals, nickel bead art, glass pearls, glass beads, art beads close range, pins, pendants and earrings. Glues, adhesives range: multi-purpose adhesive, adhesive inlay, Dklit adhesive, adhesive mats, napkins, glitter glue, glue gun, glue Mega Bond fabric, hot glue and more.

Art of beads – when you can make many interesting jewelry using rhyme. In recent years, due to great demand of people, opened many stores that offer a wide variety of audiences for art beads in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes.

Applied art suitable for everyone

Due to the wide variety of useful and artistic creativity for using cheap quality materials available, is suitable for a variety of different audiences and all ages. When you will see this art is expressed through a variety of art materials such as wood products design, wool, clay, wire leather, beads Miyuki Japanese, pulp and paper, paints, Paint Oil, beads who buy by weight of polyester products, natural stones and more … When you can produce using these substances varied works like for example papier mache sculptures statue, a variety of different paper folding, the creation of various jewelry and upgrading existing jewelry, different and creative paintings, tapestries come as a set of creation and more.

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