Maybe you can don’t forget back to those halcyon era of the typing swimming pool, or maybe the lone business office secretary banging away letters, invoices along with statements on a trustworthy Oliver or Imperial typewriter, before the physical appearance of the personal computer.

It’s not at all so very long ago, perhaps just over a quarter hundred years or so that the apparently hypnotic clickety clack of the keys and kind bars as they destroyed out the narrative onto the paper, or every few seconds, that little “ding” which signified the end of another line could be noticed in every office.

The thing I remember more than anything else ended up being the large amount of Tippex wine bottles on everyone’s cubical, you know, those little bottles with the twist cap and that dangerous little brush that frequently seemed to dry out a long time before the bottle has been empty.

Thankfully, with the advent of PC’s in the workplace, the need for carbon papers, ink ribbon plus a supply of Tippex equal to half the worlds’ water offer on hand to correct those mistakes is a thing of the past.

Or is it? It appears that the need for Tippex is still planning strong, because within our “paperless office” that was supposed to be heralded from the invention of the expression processor, personal computers and servers which retailer terabytes of information, paper is employed in the office more and more, not merely for sending out words and statement etc, but also as a means regarding backing up records kept on servers, memory sticks and drives.

However, it seems we all have been still prone to making errors when printing and photocopying, as well as perhaps wanting to change a thing on the printed report when passing derived from one of office to another. Proof-reading seems to have flown out of your window, and if your spelling mistakes I se everywhere should be corrected, that old standby tippex is always on hand.

The truth is, when I was motivated to write this, My partner and i looked around the business office, and as well as finding personal bottles on each desk, I actually perfectly located at the stationery cupboard the nest of a dozens of or so bottles, in order that it would appear the species is alive as well as well and is no place near extinction yet.

And, in this Laptop or computer era we live in, I will not even refer to the joke regarding the blonde secretary that had lots of Tippex scars on the monitor screen of her new computer.

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