Most game-players out there wish to do something that they love and that is to, play games and earn money doing it. Agree with it or not, this is totally attainable. You’ll find hundreds on a large number of game testing contracts published out there on the web on an daily rate. You just need to appreciate how to start looking. What’s most urgent is ensuring before you start looking you understand precisely what you are engaging in and what you need to be prepared to apply.

You can get different types of game testing roles. Here are only a few:
1. Console Games (Nintendo, XBox 360, PlayStation3 etc.)
2. Standard computer Games
3. Cell phone Games
4. On-line GamesVery first, you’ll need to decide what type of games you want to test. Next, you want a cv. Your resume must be directed at gaming and game testing. If at all practicable you must try and have some expertise in testing. This is going to be as easy as getting in on a delinquent you are not selected beta testing position. There are a large amount of those held on a continuous basis. You will even crash some when you buy a new game also it contains an invite.

OK, so you know which kind of game testing job you need, you have your resume, so what now? Good, this is where the actual hunt starts. There are heaps associated with excellent different choices that you should follow now. You can go the road of looking thru the main job boards (Beast, Careerbuilder, etc) or you are able to select to enroll for any membership plan that authorizes you use of all the main gaming roles. The website below is a wonderful video gaming site which solidly posts the newest gaming roles. And not only online game testing, all gaming roles. has lots of game testing roles posted too.

They have a giant quantity of roles from all the large sites posted in a single place. So it makes it quite easy to find the job you need. Lets say that you don’t have endless hours to seek for a that perfect job, or you do not know the method to get round the net. Hey it happens. You can go the choice of a membership site. Just be certain the membership site you select is the 1 which should help you. You can simply test this out by simply emailing them a question before you get a membership. If they answer that question, then someone is on the other end waiting to help out. So select which route is best for you and start to do something that you love today..


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