As an article marketer, you no doubt create web content to not only sell your product or service, but also to create lasting client based relationships. Many writers on the internet do nothing more than write huge paragraphs explaining to readers why their product or service is the best, instead of creating content that can help people searching the internet make their lives easier.

Business owners and online marketers that are so bent on making a sale, fail to acknowledge and implement 5 important tips that will help them convert their readers into clients and sales.
These 5 tips are as followed:
Appeal to clients emotions
Use powerful words
Answer potential questions
Repeat the steps
Keep your articles short and sweet
Appealing to Your Client’s Emotions
Let’s consider the first tip: appealing to your potential clients emotions.

Take for example a niche business owner who is searching the web for ways to reach a broader audience on the web through article marketing. That means, as the writer of an article, your endeavour is to present information that will help your reader, in this case, the niche business owner, succeed in reaching a broader audience with article marketing.

When it comes to selling a product and explaining a service, make your potential client feel that by buying from you, they will be ten times better than they were before they even knew who you were.

Therefore the question is:
Will your product, service, and/or advice make people feel better than they did before they discovered you on the internet?

Use Powerful Words
Now, to clarify, I’m not talking about words that will make you seem more knowledgeable, smarter, or better than other people. Your goal is not to demean your audience. What I’m talking about are words that make your audience know you’re talking to them.

Words such as “you” and “your” engages your audience by means of making them feel like a unique individual. Let your readers know that you’re talking to them on a personal level, and that you really want to help them succeed with their business.

Answer Potential Questions
This is a very important tip to keep in mind, as it puts you in the position of an expert in your niche. When you answer questions that an interested reader should ask, you take into consideration the thoughts of your readers.
Your credibility increases and you gain the trust of your readers.

Repeat the Steps
When your create an article for circulation around the web, you only have a short amount of time to get the information you want to share out. With this in mind, it’s important to use repetition within your writings.

This will engrave what it is you have said to your readers into their brains quicker. If you start your article with words of advice, re-word it and re-write it at the end of your article.

Keep Your Articles Short and Sweet
Honestly, how many people read today? People would rather watch a how-to video on YouTube than read.
With that in mind, keep your articles short and straight to the point. You don’t want to flood your readers with an endless supply of information and steps. If you want people to view you as an authority on the web, give them what they want in a short and concise way.

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