Although a lot of people consider the landscape and cities the main reason to take one of the many holidays for you to Malaysia, the country is also well know for its range of local dishes. Malaysia consist of a blend of three major races, Chinese, Indian and Malay, whom all bring their own unique spin on food preparation; the blend of civilizations makes for some of the most interesting food recipes for cheese boat in the world. This article usually takes a look at a few of the ‘must try’ foods on offer in this fantastic country.

First out there is one of the regions most famous dishes, the Satay. The dish is often served with a number of marinated meats at their core – chicken, mutton as well as beef – that’s diced, mounted on a skewer and then grilled. The particular grilled meat will then be served with a classic peanut sauce, sliced onion, cucumbers and rice muffins. The main spice inside the marinate is turmeric; itrrrs this that gives it its discolored colouring. The dish can be easily found throughout the place and really is one of the should try local food items.

Nasi Lemak
The second dish on the list is the hot and spicy Nasi Lemak. The Malay name in the dish translates as ‘rice in ointment,’ which aptly describes the key of the dish; rice, when combined coconut cream and steamed. The steaming process is further superior with the addition of pandan leaves, to give the rice a bit more fragrance. The dish will be traditionally served with boiled egg, anchovies, cucumber slices, roasted peanuts and the condiment sambal. The actual dish is also a popular amongst those who like a small extra choice, because it’s often served along with a selection of options like, chicken, beef curry and cuttlefish.

Roti Canai
The ultimate dish on our record is another traditional one, Roti Canai. Roti Canai is a type of flat-bread this goes by the name of roti prata. The roti should be nice and level and fluffy inside, with a crisp outer. The bread is generally served with a coffee bean or fish curry as well as makes for the perfect a go with; though there are a smaller amount savoury options available, including a simple sprinkling of sugars. The other advantage of the actual dish is its cost; it is one of the cheapest food available in the country, less costly than a similar dish within the UK, and makes for an excellent mid-day meal.

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