100% Commissions
Do you seriously desire to function having a firm that pays 100% Commissions? I not just desire to but I’m! The organization is Empower Network and they genuinely do pay 100% Commissions. Now, I am certain you could have a picture of acquiring those 100% commissions flowing into your bank account on a daily basis, but is that how it truly occurs?

100% Commissions – Compensation Structure
Empower Network does pay out 100% of all commissions earned so they are able to claim that with no fear of retribution of any sort. Everyone who feels like they are not being sincere can appear at the compensation structure.

Lets say you signed up ten affiliates. Your 2nd, 4th, and 6th (then every 5th) would be passed as much as your sponsor. Now that you are considering that you aren’t making 100% commissions and also you could be appropriate. Still, Empower Network is paying out the whole $25 for the basic sign as much as somebody. For the 1st, 3rd, 5th, 7th, 8th, 9th & 10th, you would get $25 from each or a total of $175 and your sponsor would get $75.

You will be definitely considering that is chump change and it might be if that was the end of the story but it isn’t. You now have ten people signed up under you, lets make it easy and say they all sign up 10 people. For each of the original 10, you get passed up their #2, #4 and #6 sign ups. So you end up with 10 #2s, 10 #4s and 10 #6s, or a $25 commission from 30 people. If they didn’t do pass ups, you would have the original $75 which you passed as much as your sponsor . . . but instead you have got $750 from people passing as much as you. Which would you rather have? The $75 or the $750? Simple choice, isn’t it!!

So that is how the compensation plan works. You seem to loose some commissions but you seriously make more money if your customers make sales. You can expect that they will because if they didn’t they wouldn’t make any money! No matter how it gets sliced and diced, Empower Network pays out 100% Commissions 🙂

100% Commissions – The Bigger Picture
I did that example based on the smallest package inside Empower Network that they pay 100% commissions on. The price for that package is $25 monthly (this gets you a blogging site.) Since it is monthly, you get paid that amount every month (as long as you stay active and spend your $25.) This is what is called residual income. Provided you don’t make anymore sales and neither did your customers, you would take in the $175 and the $750 each and each month giving you a monthly income of $925. Not bad for not working, ideal?

What if I told you there were more packages? One of the others costs $100 per month. So now if everyone bought it and from what I’ve seen they do, you would earn $125 from each of your 7 customers and $125 from each of your customers pass-ups (using the same illustration). That is 37 people times $125 or $4,265 each and just about every month if nobody else was ever sponsored. This also is without anybody buying the other three packages that are available in the time I am writing this. (They could always add more!) The other three packages are an one time cost – they are not residual. You can see though that Empower Network is paying out 100% commissions. And with this picture, you might be actually producing more than 100% commissions because you might be being passed up more sign ups then you will be passing up!!

A drawing board would have worked well with this but unfortunately this isn’t a webinar its just a blog 😉
100% Commissions – The Choice is Yours
You can work online as an affiliate in many different companies but they don’t pay 100% commissions. You typically get a very little cut of the cost, not even 50%.
I have heard people say that Empower Network is spam. I am here to tell you it is real and not spam. If you get in and function at it you too can be successful in Empower Network by producing 100% commissions.

As a disclaimer, I have no idea what you will make because I don’t know what you will do once you get going. You may get in, think its too much and get out. I know if you’ve never done online marketing before it’s a lot of information to grasp at once. Most people come who come in with no experience thinking they will get rich overnight are a bit disappointed when it doesn’t happen quite like that. I have been in for 6 weeks and have made $1,675. I actually did not make a sale in the first 3 weeks so it’s not that bad.

I have sponsored 7 people so far without trying to recruit family and friends. When they start sponsoring people I’ll get pass-ups from them.
To your success!!

Do you really want to work with a company that pays 100% Commissions? I not only want to but I am! The company is Empower Network and they really do pay 100% Commissions. https://www.empowernetwork.com/maryriley/blog/100-commissions

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