This is a third party review of the Zija product along with company.

Ken Brailsford, a persona of good standing in your dietary industry, started the Zija Multiple Level Marketing enterprise within 2006. Zija has developed an issue that is dependent solely near to one grow, the actual Moringa Shrub. This location has powerful beginnings within Ayurvedic Healing and is also employed as an included approach to some severe conditions within Third globe nations to address the ravages involving misery.

The study of your Moringa Oleifera plant indicates it to be Several times higher inside ascorbic acid than a melons and is full of essential proteins. The product is promoted inside a water and also capsule design as well as a powdered or possibly a green tea.

Zija is marketed in a fluid and tablet version as well as a powder or perhaps a tea. Zija places packages in concert to deal with locations like weight-loss and handle, skin routine maintenance and nutritional intake. The documented period for results will likely be anywhere from About a week which is relatively fast to get a product crafted from all natural and 100%certified kosher ingredients.

When you look for an excellent Mlm to join, a thing you should think about is how this business as well as product complement the market. The Health and Wellness industry is starting to be a heavy-weight competitor within the Variable Level Marketing industry with a $500 zillion number attached to this within 2008 realizing that figure is merely receiving larger. Zija fits solidly into these kinds, consequently their particular are no problems with reference to the market drying up or perhaps reducing for what it’s worth. Add to in which, their products are natural along with a possible winner.

Let’s look at Zija as well as the Comp Plan.

The 1st stream of income using buy zija products is obviously commissions on your own personal sales. You have a few flexibility concerning the retail price since you purchase with wholesale and make the commissions. Once you start expanding your company, you have the chance to make 12 to 20% round the initial purchase of virtually any professionally referred Zija suppliers. The cap upon that is $100 so the greater their order, the greater you are making.

My advice is to get them about the product so that they have first-hand exposure to the effects and take over from there. Whenever your business in fact starts to grow and your distributors acquire suppliers of their own you earn $30 after they do. Now that is not asserted with.

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