Unlike many musical styles and preferences, the emergence of rap music had not been originally planned for the music business or business interests. It genuinely appeared right in the heart of urban neighborhoods to be a reflection of the original hopes, beliefs and aspirations of black youth within the last quarter of the XX century.

Rap is a component of the tradition of oral storytelling, which is arose in Africa, centuries ago. An illustration of this this tradition is a West African storyteller. To the accompaniment of a drum or percussion, storytellers entertained and taught the crowd, telling a history of the tribe and current events. Their performances were coupled with satirical digressions, sayings, jokes, prayers, and derision. Reading of the music through the XX century, was at the same time manifested in such musical genres as gospel, jazz and also R & B.

The words “rap” and “hip-hop” tend to be used interchangeably. The idea of “hip-hop” means the rhythm of music, and “rap” may be a reading of the music. Now hip-hop is one of the most successful commercially modern entertainment music and type that comes in a good many directions inside genre. Hip-hop was the initial music that best embodies the ideology and identity of latest African-American culture. This ideology was based on the antagonism of the American white, Anglo-Saxon culture.

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