Although the technology has been available for years it is only recently that text message marketing has started to become popular with mainstream businesses. It has quickly become one of the most cost-effective ways to market to your customers and an extremely effective strategy for increasing sales and brand loyalty. To use text message marketing businesses must first build up a list of customers with phone numbers to send the marketing SMSs to. Normally these will be existing customers who have given their details through a previous transaction however anyone can be invited to sign up to the list through other marketing strategies such as flyers by giving them the details of a number to text to sign up. Once a customer has signed up you are able to send out text messages to them whenever you want. Because of the limitation in length to a text message it will typically be used to give a discount code or a link to further information on the business’s website.

Although you can only send very short messages and no pictures or other content text message marketing can still be an extremely effective strategy. This is for several reasons, one of the main being that today almost everybody has a mobile phone and they rarely leave home without it. The average person is rarely more than a few meters away from their mobile phone and most messages are opened within a few minutes of being received. This means that you can send out a message and know that within just a few minutes customers around the area will be receiving your marketing. If on the other hand you were to send out an email it might be days before it was read.

The typical text message marketing message is also read by a far higher number of recipients than a similar email. Text messages are rarely deleted before being read unlike emails which are often left unread or deleted when they are obviously for marketing purposes. These reasons put together mean text message marketing is an extremely cost effective way to communicate with customers instantly. Despite this you’ll still want to use your text message marketing as effectively as possible. One of the biggest mistakes companies new to this form of marketing make is to send out too many messages in too short a period of time. Just because it is incredibly easy for you to get in touch with your customers doesn’t mean they want to hear from you every single day. Save your text message marketing for times when you have something really important to say such as the launch of a new product or a special discount.

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