Weekend weddings have become popular, particularly since people are spread further away from each other. They often start on Friday night, proceed with the wedding Saturday and conclude with a post-wedding breakfast on Sunday just before everyone returns home.

Planning activities for these weekend-long celebrations doesn’t have to be tough; in fact, it can be quite a bit of excitement if you keep everyone’s needs in mind. First, think about the wedding. Will this be a formal wedding with a sit-down dinner at its center? If that’s the case, you might want to ban a formal rehearsal dinner and replace it rather with a not so formal barbecue dinner or picnic.

But how can you keep individuals entertained throughout the whole weekend? There are lots of activities to think about. Will the wedding ceremony be close to a lake? What about organizing a day at the lake on Saturday, full of pre-wedding activities like swimming races and beach volleyball.

The first thing one must get is Wedding invitations St. Louis.A very common pre-wedding activity is a scavenger hunt. Prior to the wedding weekend, a list of meaningful items must be drawn up, and visitors placed in 2 groups. The list should include stuff like “get a brochure from the jewelry shop where (groom) got (bride)’s ring” or ‘take a picture of the group at the location where the couple got engaged”. You will have to customize the scavenger hunt list to the place of the wedding with the energy of the visitors who’ll be participating.

You can also give luxurious prizes for the team that wins the scavenger hunt, such as gift cards or even gourmet food and wine baskets. It might seem an obvious choice to divide the teams into groups who know or perhaps are related to the bride and teams who know or are related to the groom, but it may be a bit more fun to mix it up a bit. You can create groups of friends vs . family, or even men versus women (always a popular choice).

Another activity that is well-known during wedding weekends is a competitive sport activity, like baseball or flag football. Once again, put in a special twist. Offer prizes for performance (first home run gets a kiss from the bride) or even create funny rules, like members of the bridal party have to put on tiaras while running bases or members of the groom’s family should always have their tees on backwards.

It’s important that during the wedding weekend, coordinators remember that the weekend itself might be really expensive for some visitors, particularly those who needed to fly in for the occasion and a lot of the activities should be free, or cheap. If they are more costly, and planned for the whole team, they must be taken care of by either the bride and groom or their own families.

But there are many things to do that don’t have to be expensive, but can give big hit for the little buck, such as the scavenger hunt proposed earlier. If the wedding weekend visitors will mostly be family, you can schedule a home movie-viewing event, including home movies from both the bride and groom’s families. For even more fun, think about something where the movies are mixed up and the guests have to guess which family’s videos they are watching. This might sound simple, but depending on the contents, it could be tough, specifically if the bride and groom are babies in the photos.

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