Your heart, it just got broke and it can only be fixed by the same reason that got it broke. However, the reason has walked out on you already and it appears it will never to return again. Your gf or your bf just dropped the “let’s break up” bomb on you. But then, you’re not thinking of letting go. No, you won’t throw it all away and give up. You believe that there’s still something you can do to save the relationship. Actually, you really have a chance of restoring the relationship. No, this is not the moment you should light up your fireworks. Not yet. Firstly, there are important details you have to keep in mind. Although you have a chance to fix the relationship, you also have higher chance of blowing that chance away. There are a couple of mistakes that people who are trying to get their ex back and these mistakes have been revealed in The Magic of Making Up by TW Jackson.

After a breakup, those who want to save the relationship think that if they would persuade their ex and make them realize that they are still in love, it will all be settled. Doing that is a complete mistake. Don’t you forget that you are the chaser here. Trying to explain to your ex how the two of you should be together because you are still mutually in love is not at all a good idea, especially if the break up did not go so well. Another move you should totally avoid is to say you’re sorry endlessly. Of course, you want to please your ex and so you are willing to take all the blame. But you have to know this just won’t work. However, it does not mean that you can wash your hands clean and blame your ex for the split. Go on and tell your ex that he or she is the one who wronged you and not the other way around and you are so done.

Taking a vow that you would be a much better person is a mistake that also got a spotlight in the eBook. You’re only fooling yourself. You will never get away with this, especially if you are a habitual liar. Your ex should know better. Begging is a move you should also steer away from. Getting sympathy by acting as if you can’t live without your ex will not get you what you want. As a matter of fact, you are only helping your ex to realize that you are pathetic and dating you was a huge mistake. Who would be so keen about getting back with a person who’s such a big loser? So come up with a more creative move.

Nothing is impossible so why would getting your ex back be? Now, increase your success rate by knowing what actions to take. It’s a fight you can only win through preparation. Need help? Might as well get yourself a copy of The Magic of Making Up. You better make time and start reading The Magic of Making Up Reviews. You can also visit ReviewMOZ for more relationship guide choices. There are a lot or reviews and product ratings to check out on the site. You will surely find reliable guides there you could use to get back with your ex.

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