The Nexus Universal Aluminum mounting hub enables you to mount robot tires and mechanisms for you to motor shafts. Your hubs are sold in individually and each hub includes one arranged screws for securing a motor shaft on the hub. To use an universa hub, all that is required are set screws, a few small bolts, with an allen wrench.

These high quality universa Aluminum mounting hubs are designed to connect a hub and a controls, it works well wonderful our robot added wheels and motors. They come in one stainless steel hex outlet set screw to be able to mount the modems to motor golf club shafts, omni wheel and mecanum steering wheel. But it doesn’t include the Allen wrench and small bolts. All of us design, produce as well as market the universa aluminum mounting locations, and we have 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm and also 16mm Universal mounting hub in stock currently. But we can get a new difference size for you to meet your needs and it can end up being start at a very low order quantity.

Your Mecanum Wheel, is also referred to as Ilon wheel. It is a traditional wheel with many wheels attached to its circumference, these rollers owning an axis of rotation in 45? to the plate of the wheel in an airplane parallel to the axis regarding rotation of the steering wheel.

Mecanum wheel is capable of moving in any direction employing a standard chassis shape. Mounting mecanum wheels in the traditional fore-and-after orientation permits another inch or even two of room involving the front wheels which may be critical in creating a competition robot, specially in a game like Thoroughly clean Sweep which has huge game objects.

Omni Tyre, also known as Poly Wheel, it can be similar to Mecanum wheel. Omni controls are very unique since they’re able to move in several directions and it has small discs around the wheel will roll using full force, but will also slide side to side with great alleviate. It is a method of creating holonomic drive. Omni wheel may roll like a normal wheel or rotate sideway using the rollers. The rubber rollers offer great gripping. It is suited for use in robotics, trolleys, exchange conveyor, shipping carts, luggage. Omni wheels will provide perfect performance properties whenever integrated with traditional wheels. For example, you need to use two traditional trolley wheels on a center axle along with four Omni wheels in front and rear axles to build a six wheel automobile.

Omni wheel can shift and rotate, it is rather easy for direction manage and tracking and also making turning as soon as possible. Omni wheel requires zero lubrication or industry maintenance and Universal mounting hub option is very simple and stable. Usually Omni controls can generally end up being divided into 2 sorts: one is single dish Omni wheel and one is double plate Omni controls. Single plate Omni controls has a single dish of passive wheels, while double denture Omni wheel has two plates of passive rollers that are turned slightly with respect to each other. Compared to the single menu Omni wheel, the twice plate Omni wheel has the advantage of no dead area between paint rollers.

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