Walking down the street it doesn’t take long to notice how prevalent mobile phone usage is amongst the youth. It is perhaps hard to believe that just ten years ago mobile phones were mainly reserved for businessmen, or those with slightly richer parents. However, technology has rapidly advanced and the youth are using this technology to communicate with the world.

Mobile phone usage is much deeper than a communication device, this type of technology has the power to affect people in deep and emotional ways, and that is exactly what the book ‘Mobile Youth: Voices of the Mobile Generation’ is about.

Did you know that over one billion youths own mobile phones worldwide? 62% of those people sleep with their phones, and 70% of them would rather spend their last $10 on topping up their phone than on food. From these statistics it really is clear how much this technology has affected people on an emotional level. The book, Mobile Youth, looks into the stories of 10 different people and discusses how their phones have affected their lives.

Mobile Youth discusses the sometimes scary, but sometimes thought provoking ways in which youths nowadays use technology to improve their lives, or perhaps to improve the lives of people around them. This book really does allow you to get into the minds of young people, and understand how they have adapted their lives to technology.

We generally use mobile phones to communicate with our friends and family, and as you know, many of us go to extreme lengths to grab the latest piece of technology. Some youths out there have spent a week or so queuing outside of stores just to be sure that they are the one of the first to say they own something, perhaps as a measure of status. However, Mobile Youth takes us far beyond this. It takes us on a journey to places all over the world to show how youths have adapted this piece of technology to help them adapt to culture. You will read fascinating stories about the youth of Tokyo and how technology has exploded there, the way that cell phones are used in oppressive Saudi Arabia, and through the gang violence of Rio Di Janeiro. There really is not a dull moment here.

Perhaps one of the most fascinating stories in this book is how youths allow their social lives to thrive despite the oppressive religious police of Saudi Arabia, something which they would never have done before without the invention of this technology. A scary story follows the gangs of Rio and how they use this technology to share information about their lives. Honestly, before reading this book, you wouldn’t quite believe how youth are able to adapt to technology.

Mobile Youth is available on the Amazon Kindle Store today. Read it today to discover a fascinating insight into how technology has managed to affect people’s lives. This business book is sure to conjure up various emotions as you thread through the brilliantly crafted stories set all around the world, and provide a deep insight into how technology affects all of our lives.

Find out more about the lives of youth and their mobile phones by visiting the website: http://www.mobileyouth.org/the-book

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