We should help students whenever possible as the financial pressure has never been consequently heavy since the Government increased tuition charges. So we have well prepared some tips for students regarding how to save money so you can control your finances easier.

Purchase freshers Rail Cards

Should you be in full time schooling and aged among 16-25 years old you should purchase a new Student Railcard. You can purchase the card for the year or 3 years and gives you a 33% lower price on train journeys in the UK. This is a huge saving and as the Teach is more than most likely going to be your main way to obtain transport and that or trains is not cheap this is essential.

NUS Extra Card

Just for 12 a year you can aquire a NUS extra card which will entitle one to a huge amount of savings to get a variety of items. On average you can save approximately 500 pounds per year upon food and drink, travel, portable tariffs and phones, entertainments, gym membership, Amazon and many other crucial outlets. Never proceed anywhere without your NUS card and always request a discount or if your outlets accepts student/NUS discounts.

Cook from Scratch

Buying substances and cooking from scratch is massively less expensive buying ready meals from your supermarket or having a take away. It’s also much healthier and much more gratifying when you cook dinner yourself, it just takes somewhat but longer as well as a bit of practice. With no end of books and tips on home cooking food available online you can find virtually hundreds or recipes and it’s also not as difficult as it may seem.

Also buy large quantities, non perishable food such as pasta are wonderful to buy. Try not to buy on their own if you can, see if you can accomplish group shopping outings with your housemates. When you go purchasing always make a list and stick to it, if you question around not really knowing what you need then it is likely that you will buy things you have no need for. Finally, try not to go on a spree when you’re hungry or perhaps hung-over. The impulse buys for brief term relief won’t last long and can put a dent in your wallet at the same time.

Watch TV Online

You only need to buy an UK TV licence in the event you watch or record TV as it is transmit. So if you want to save money on your TV permit then watch get caught up TV online. BBC iPlayer, 4oD, and ITV gamer are all platforms that you could watch TV for free. You’ll be able to connect your computer or laptop to your TV, supply from a media unit such as a games console and enjoy many hours of free tv without paying a penny.


Microsoft Office is an essential software application for any student – nonetheless it does not come cheap, student versions of Office 2010 can run you A?100. Nevertheless these days there are an excellent selection of free choices such as OpenOffice and LibreOffice that happen to be all cross agreeable and legit programs, all completely free.

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