Threadlocker comes in a form of fluid and is very thin in nature. It is a single component adhesive that is basically used to be applied to the threads of fasteners including bolts and screws. This solution is used to prevent from getting loosening, corrosion and leakage.

Thread lockers are used as adhesives and can be applied before or after the assembly, depends upon the type. Also, this type of adhesive is available in the market as permanent and removable solutions or formulas. They are also used as heavy duty solutions that could comfortably withstand around 3000 psi in shear. Some of these adhesives can also be removed via heat application. Thread locking adhesives mostly depend on the activity of electrochemical metal substrate for perfect bonding. However, substrates often need to clean entirely for less electrochemically-active metals that comprises of aluminum and priming. Generally, electrochemical activity is considered as among the two triggers that lead to threadlocker fluid polymerization. For effective result, one has to take a proper care to avoid the contamination of threadlocker container along with threadlocker. If not taken care properly then the material added in the container could also get polymerized.

On the other hand, thread locking fluid is readily available in the market as small containers for say 5 millilitres or around 1 teaspoon to 250 millilitres. Also, if you want can buy the color coded material to identify their strength. This solution is also sold in the markets as stick form and tape form (alike Teflon tape). For preventing from loosening bolts, you can take up lock washers, safety wires, and locknuts that could be used in combination with this material.

Basically, threadlockers are filled completely in thread paths so that the movements causing vibration or shakiness of the parts are eliminated. If the fasteners get loose then they could create warranty and reliability issues and also create unscheduled shutdown of equipment. There are various types of thread locking fluids available in the market. Some of them are low strength removable, medium strength removable, high strength permanent, high strength wicking, and thread lockers display pack.

Numerous companies provide thread locking fluids or threadlockers or anaerobic threadlockers under different brands. They help locking and sealing threaded fasteners, prevents the fasteners from vibration and shock, prevents from leakage, alleviates rust lock, performs better as compared to the lock washers, bevel washers or other types of mechanical locking devices.

The author has provided information about threadlocker that is used to prevent thread fasteners from getting rusted, loose, and leaked. Thread lockers are used as adhesives under the industrial usage and increase the warranty of materials at Parsonadhesives.

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