We have had a huge interest recently throughout BenWa balls following the release of the book “50 shades involving Grey”, so we decided to create an article about these very popular little items that have the sex toys Australia industry searching high and low for further and more!

Although they come in a range of sizes, weight loads, styles, and prices, the thought of the BenWa ball is the same.

Ben Wa tennis balls, also known as Burmese bells, Orgasmic pleasure balls, Venus balls as well as Geisha balls, are normally a small, marble-sized balls, usually useless and containing a tiny weight, that spin around and are used by internal sexual arousal (by insertion in to the vagina). Available in many different forms, the balls may be solid, or even contain clappers or beeps within. Other, greater versions made of plastic-type encasing lesser balls are called Duotone balls. They are used through inserting them in to the vagina and using muscle tissue to hold them within, stimulating movement and vibration. Either way, these balls are designed to help with vaginal muscles although giving the benefit of the light source stimulation to the women as she moves around.

The sensation made by these balls isn’t just the feeling of these balls moving around inside you, yet more the feeling in the unbalanced weight from the balls creating added movement and momentum within.

While utilising these balls to improve the pelvic vaginal muscles, it is common for the user to experience subtle satisfaction as mentioned earlier in this article, yet every individual finds this pleasure at various levels, so it is hard to guarantee or see how they will feel for a person. Although it is common to the ‘teasing’ feeling to be gone through the user, it is uncommon for the user to arrive at orgasm by using just BenWa balls alone.

BenWa balls can be used as long or as little as the female desires, there is nothing stopping the user from inserting all of them for hours per day. Females that have used these kinds of balls for pelvic are employed in particular claim that that they significantly increase the pelvis muscles to a point wherever they have enough handle to remove condoms of these partner during intercourse on the other hand added ability to grip.

All that being stated, like all sex toys, anyone has their own favourites features and functions, and own particular person expectations. Check out the range here

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