Be honest with your customers and provide In Line with their expectations or higher!
I know; this might seem like kindergarten pop-talk. But in reality, being honest together with your customers in practice Now is easier said than done. So we are so harried today we sometimes forget to be respectful and take time to assist our customers on the highest levels. Here’s how you can perfect the customers’ experience.

Here’s an example that happened to me! I doubt the retailer do this intentionally, however the experience made an enduring impact on me and has given me cause to question the retailer’s quality and whether or not they really look out for my personal best interests.

About 7 months ago, My spouse and i visited my favorite supreme clothing store in New York City. I bought a pair of Cole Haan loafers that have been on sale for $129. I had been ready to roll.
Three weeks ago, I was donning My Loafers. The night before it had snowed.

All of a sudden I noticed that my feet were freezing!
Turns out there was a dent in the soles regarding both shoes!
7-month previous Cole Haan loafers. And I wore all of them only one or two times weekly. Bad deal!

Now i’m thinking these shoes are generally Defective or at least sub-standard quality. Not what I expected from Cole Haan or the keep.
Last week, I compensated $45 to buy new plastic soles.

Ignoring the fact I wore the actual loafers during the 6 or 7 a few months, shoes that I supposed to cost $129 now require me to pay $174.
Truth be told, I would have paid $175 initially – or at least $149. However i resented being snookered in from $129 and being forced to commit $175…
This incident gave me cause to question your store’s honesty…

-Do they will really care about me?

-How high is the quality of these clothes?

-Are their garments a good value?

I believe this situation happens Often. Does it happen in your business? Where? How?
Trust your customer’s shoes or boots. Pretend to be a secret shopper (or use one) and make a purchase in your stores.

-How along with where could this case happen in your business?

-What occasions and factors can detract from your customers’ experience?

-What could go completely wrong with the quality of the goods and services?

-What could happen that will hurt your consumers’ loyalty to you plus your business?

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