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I’d like to share with you some simple how to sing higher without breaking to help you broaden your sound.
In my experience working with many vocalists, especially female singers, what I noticed is always that many of them tend to sing out with a sound that is not completely “focused”; by that I mean vocal range with a voice which is not entirely pure but has some inhale it.

I’m not sure if you have a physiological belief that makes this problem far more prominent among girls. What I’ve noticed during my voice classes, is that women in general like to sing having an ethereal sound, just as if they were afraid of title of too “harsh” or “masculine”.
If this describes your case, here’s what’s happening. The main problem is based on the lack of proper assistance, which you achieve only if you place your tone of voice correctly. The need for good support increases as you try to sing higher notes. Even if you’re able to find up there, your substantial range will probably audio quite weak.
A few singers (sopranos for the most part) appear to not be aware that they can have a low register and place their lower notes in the high register, instead of “grounding” these people in their chest sign up. It’s like driving your car in the local mall in fourth items: not that efficient! Their own voice begins to work effectively only when it grows to a certain height, when it is actually time to change to the high register.
Below are a few singing tips to appropriate this tendency:
.Focus primarily on the lowest part of the range for a period of time. Sing your low notes thinking that you happen to be speaking instead of how to sing high notes.
.Try the following vocal workout:
Go as lower in your range as possible and sing small notes on each one of the following vowels: ee, ay, my oh my, oh, oo. Then come up the range one particular note at a time along with repeat the same thing.
.You will discover the following 3-note exercise beneficial. Start on one of the lowest notes in your range. For instance: A-B-C#-B-A. The audio you create should be very close to your talking voice. Try to conserve the same quality of sound as you move up and along through those three notes.
.Both these exercises should be practiced using a sound that’s because full as possible, but without strain. Emphasize the enunciation of each vowel, as opposed to pushing the voice out.

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