In the Jewish tradition, receives the new year with a time of reflection for the evaluation of the previous year before moving on to a new one. This is done during the first ten days from the new year and ends with Yom Kippur. It is generally known that the days of horror or days of repentance.

Any religious color, I like the idea of ​​a review and reconsideration of life to leave what no longer serves the United States, whatever the time of year. It is very easy to get used to and attached to the things that hold us back, whether objects, relationships, jobs, situations, beliefs or current.

And privacy as the ego and create a sense of repetition to feel safe and controlled. This is extremely important when we need for children to feel safe, but its value should diminish as we grow up and understand that being in control is really just an illusion, especially if we want to continue to grow, emotionally, mentally and spiritually to control our lives.

Life is what happens in the present, and open to endless possibilities involved at every moment, no matter how scary or daunting that may seem at times. We can not keep our ego identity and the flow of life, and we can not get the “static” in our thoughts and continue to learn, and we can not comment on solid ground, even in this changing world. In fact, growth is only possible when the desire to go stronger than the desire to continue.

Self-awareness and letting go … Keys on your self-growth

Life is a cycle of awareness that moves in cycles, each cycle and allows you to mount the upper level (the physical and mental growth, and awareness). If you think about it for a while, you realize that every day, every week, every month, every year and smaller in larger cycles that make up your life. Each cycle brings the same kind of situation for you to reconsider and learn and grow.

If you do not know what needs to be aware of and / or abandoned, and will return in a slightly different form, perhaps, but he will be back until he can no longer avoid dealing and resolved. Perhaps through a look or perhaps through a crisis, but you’ll have to deal with what holds you back and keeps you from growing.

Just like a butterfly can not be maintained in the form of a caterpillar and fly at the same time, we must all go through growing pains on the left and behind the cocoon to blossom and be free to be ourselves authentic . Increased pain is necessary steps to self-awareness and letting go, and move forward.

It is also among the measures that transform consciousness happens. One moment you’re face to face with the problem, you feel pain of letting go of what needs to go, and before you know it, the pain is over and you are in a better place, and to feel more clearer and stronger than ever.

Of course, you can avoid the pain temporarily (and learning) by deprivation, abuse, or hide behind a relationship or anything else, and that’s what most people, but it there is really no escape: you’ll have to deal with problems at some point in this age or in part, because this spirit, not me oriented – oriented travel.

Review, evaluation, authorization and repeat

Is always a good idea to review your life and beliefs on an ongoing basis to make your spiritual growth process a little more smoothly, without the need for a crisis down safety nets known. I borrowed the idea of ​​self inventory after the investigation on the traditions of the Jewish New Year, but you can adjust the price according to your needs (instead of the year, and make it a week or a month or 6 months, etc.) and, of course, do not hesitate to add more to the list based on your level of individual meditation.

1. I would like to leave behind the past 12 months?

This is not a relationship, or a job, or a sense of dependency? This is not a health issue or belief that there is not abundant enough for all? Is that the crisis came and made you question your life? All that is, hold the vision of what should go and why. Remember, this is the reason that you can let go and move on.

2. Prevented me from upgrading to higher standards and being myself better?

Dig and recognition of self-image and attachments that have been holding you back, but do so without judgment of guilt or shame. Review your excuses and justifications as well. Awareness is the key to success.

3. Why I love the fact that I carry with me during the next 12 months?

Where do you see yourself and how you can be different from where you are now? And the values ​​and goals that you want to highlight here?

4. Who worked as a teacher / guide for me in the last year?

How much are you willing to invest in your self-growth? Looking for advice and support whether you choose to stay in a cocoon “autonomy” in order not to be held responsible or seen or heard?

5. I was a teacher / model?

What is the legacy of my years (months, etc.)? I was a model for what I want in my life or has not, by default, on autopilot instead? I do not really walk the newborn? And if not, why not?

6. Is there anyone I need to forgive?

It is very clear, and of course, can include all your life, not just the last year, month, etc. Do not forget to register!

7. How do I forgive?

In other words, how I am committed to the acceptance and openness to life, and what is left imbalance and toxic crown around me? How prepared I take full responsibility for what I create in my life?

I hope this is helpful. The habit of mental health and to train your mind out of the way to keep in touch with yourself, question the motives of your subconscious beliefs and follow the doomed and attachments. If you need help finding your blind spot, contact me for advice through spiritual counseling and compassion to make the process easier and faster.

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